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Use these 7 Promo Products of Healthcare Industry to Skyrocket Your Brand Promotion

The US healthcare industry is huge. Multiple players create a one unified ecosystem. The players include health insurance providers, physicians, pharmaceutical, laboratory, equipment, and facilities.

The industry is filled with some challenges as well. Stiff competition, for example. With so many players vying on each other’s pie, players need to differentiate themselves through branding.

This is where promo product comes in. The promo products give positive experiences and create brand awareness. They are the best keepsakes to glue your brand to your target audience’s mind.

Deciding to go for a promotional product doesn’t end your job, though. You have to come up with the right product that resonates well with your target audience.

Listed below are some promo products that are highly recommended for healthcare industry.

As you explore more about these products, try to create your own selected item list to move along with your decision making process.

Let’s go.

1.    Tote Bags

Cotton tote bags are great promo products for your customer to carry prescriptions, medical reports such as X-rays, medicines, and other medical items.

Since they are large in sizes, you have an ample amount of space available to tell your story. You simply have to apply logo digitizing process on your logo and place it in both fronts of the bag. For the rest of the space, use your brand taglines, special product features and benefits.

You can also use this space for general health guidelines about preventive healthcare. You may also showcase doctor’s profile as well as any other unique service propositions that your brand is proud of.

The widespread usage of totes makes them one of the ideal promotional products. Users can take them at grocery stores, shopping, bookstore, bus stations, gym and the list goes on. This adds all the more exposure to your brand and your message.

2.    Gel Stress Toys

The gel stress toys, unlike their rubber foam model, change shape upon squeezing. What it all means is that, if you play smart, you can elevate your brand exposure while infusing fun and play in the activity. Gel stress toys are known for relieving stress.

This is an ideal product for fitness centers, massage therapy centers, psychologists, career counsellors, marriage counsellors and any other medical practitioner that helps people fight their stress. This product is loved by kids too. So, child specialists can place it to calm down and distract irritated young patients.

3.    Medical Uniforms

Have you seen Grey’s Anatomy? It’s season 14 finale pulled 7.5 million fans to bid a farewell. Apart from close-to-reality situations, this show showcased great-looking medical apparels.

Imagine, if you can use one of these apparels as a part of your brand promotion for a tradeshow giveaway.

This promo product is highly recommended for healthcare industry. Doctors, nurses, para medicals, pharma professionals use uniforms with soothing colors.

Full length Doctor’s gown, and lab coats are ideal for branding. But, don’t go overboard on this one as these professions demand decency.

V-neck colorful scrub tops can be easily customized with your branding too. Simply digitize logo of your brand and place it on right chest, pen pocket, or on the cell phone pocket. These comfy fabrics are usually made with 65% polyester, 35% cotton so that they can be easily worn all day.

4.    Pill Case

If your doctor has put you on an antibiotic, the worst thing you can do to yourself: miss the pill intake. The 7-day retractable pill case comes in handy here. The plastic material transparent boxes, each marked with the first letter of the week increase the chances of following a routine.

Since the boxes are tightly fitted, it avoids the pill to get wet. You can mount it on the wall of dining room, living room, and bathroom. As a promo product, you can customize their colors, sizes and labels. The brand logo can easily be printed on the front face of the material for maximum exposure.

All in all, a perfect item for pharmacies, hospitals, General physicians, and Specialist doctors.

5.    Medicinal Bottler Owner

Let us face it. Opening a tightly sealed cap of a medicine bottle gets you cranks, especially when you are in a rush. How about a bottle opener that comes easy to your potential customer’s fingers?

The medicinal bottler opener is a very useful gifts for your customer to keep in their homes. All they have to do is put the cap on top of the bottle, twist it and bingo.

Because of its small size and low cost, it can be your go-to option for a tradeshow giveaway. You cannot possibly go wrong with this one.

6.    Han Sanitizer Gel

According to Provincial Health Service Authority, Canada, 80% of common diseases are spread through hands. Offer this gel as a promotional item to show that you really care about them. This is also a low-cost promo product to be distributed in trade shows, healthcare events, and medical awareness session for preventive healthcare.

These bottles are easily portable and look great. Customers will carry them in restaurants, educational institutions, events, gym, and other social gathering where they have to do a handshake. The front cover is your stage as a brand. Create unique front and back cover design with your logo and other important details.

7.    Pen and Notebook

Healthcare professionals do a lot of writing every day. Prescription, medical condition, communication between doctor and patient and whole lot of other stuff. Even in this digital age, some pros still stick to pen and paper version of communication technique.

This product is ideal for health insurance providers and pharmaceuticals. Provide a customized good-quality pen and paper to Doctor’s and their assistants. They will be using it in and out of the hospital to provide elite exposure to your brand logo.

One interesting version of pen is a “Syringe Pen”. Yes, you read it right. It is a syringe looking pen that is enough to surprise your customers. Keep in mind that too much adventurism with doctors can go wrong because they are supposed to be mature.

Imaging your doctor holding a syringe looking red pen and writing prescription. Does it really make sense? Not much for me.

To sum up, promotional products can do wonders to promote your healthcare product. If done right, promo product can wipe out your competition through branding.