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Pitches and Swings: 5 Best Baseball-Themed Promo Products for MLB 2019 Giveaways

Most Americans are caught up with baseball fever as the “Major League Baseball” is unfolding itself one game at a time. With the most number of MLB titles under their belt, New York Yankees are topping the chart with 66 wins followed by Tempa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox with 58 and 56 wins each.

Yes, we love baseball. MLB broke the record of having the highest number of attendance in any sports league of the world with 69.6 million fans attendees in MLB 2018. But there are more things that we love with the ballgame. Free stuff, for example. When you combine the two, you are in heaven.

America’s favorite pass time carries excessive commercial value for businesses too. With hundreds and thousands of people attending the game, Brands have the opportunity to elevate their brand by distributing baseball-themed promo products.

Let us take a look at some of the best promo products for the current MLB season.

Let us swing the bat.

1.    Bobblehead of Famous Player

Bobbleheads are so popular for baseball games that you cannot go wrong with this figurine. This giveaway is a caricature of major players of the team. The head of the figure is attached with a spring which bobs up and down upon gentle touch.

This product is very dear among kids above 13, and rightly so. Branding is easy, as well. Choose a team that matches your corporate color, and you are good to go.

Famous stars with bobbleheads are showcased on MLB online shop: Phillies’ Bryce Harper, Yankee’s Aaron Judge, Freddie Freeman, Cody Bellingers, and many more.

2.    Branded Beach Towel

Day games can be harder to beat in the scorching heat. Branded beach towels come in handy in these situations for your customers. It can promote relaxation with your brand logo on it using embroidery digitzing process.

Users usually lie down with these towels wide open, which gives excellent exposure of your brand. As a piece of advice, try to match your branding with the game, the favorite team, colors, and respective logo in mind.

Right execution will take your customer’s team devotion to the next level. Fans take pride in keeping these items with them on beaches.

3.    Baseball Bat Shaped Mug

For baseball fans, this is a dream come true. Use this one, if you are celebrating a special season like MLB 2019, honoring a coach or a special player, or just distributing to game fanatics.

The mug can be fully customized with your logo and MLB team’s logo on the front. Another significant characteristic of this promo product is that it has considerably enough space for branding.

So, for example, at the back of the mug, you can print coach name, roaster, player name, and historical facts to entice up the whole experience. You can place your branded written content on the back too. This is the time for you to speak to your target customers.

But, do not overcrowd the entire piece. It is irritating and kills the whole idea of promotion.

The mug is made from solid wood and ideal for both hot and cold beverages. All in all, it is a perfect item to take a sip while enjoying the game.

4.    Customized Tees and Replica Jerseys

When it comes to button-down jerseys, the New York Yankees black striped one is the most famous.

Why? The Yankees’ outfielder and rookie of the year in 2017, Aaron Judge, is often associated with this jersey design. For this reason, it carries the highest attention value. The closest variation of the jersey is worn by Chicago Cubs’ Javy Maez.

This Jersey is equally famous in boys, girls as well as kids. Choose a fabric that is moisture-wicking, extremely breathable, comfy, and stretchable to give your customers the liberty to jump around and have fun during the game. This is what they are there for, right!

The closes cousin of the jersey is everyone’s favorite, t-shirt. As a general rule, choose the round neck for boys and slim-fit V-neck for girls. As a part of your branding package, the size and design will show that you are a fashion-conscious brand. All the more reasons for more love to your brand.

A wide variety of t-shirts designs are there to pick. Here too, you can go for striped one, with colored short or long sleeves, to give it a Yankee’s theme. Try some tank tops if it doesn’t sound outrageous to you.

T-shirt is the most branding-friendly promotional item. All you have to do is digitize log and print it on the front, left or on the right with equal spacing between your brand logo and baseball team logo. On the back of the shirt, print famous player name, number or other vital details about the team of the player.

5.    Baseball Caps

What is more relevant promotional item than a cap that took its name from the game? It is almost impossible to watch the ballgame without this cap. Additionally; it is part of the official uniform worn by players with the brim pointing forward to protect the eyes from the sun.

Due to the love of the game and the players, this cap has become part of American’s fashion statement. As a promo product, this will pump up your customer as you offer this as a giveaway. Kids, boys, girls love getting their hands on a free baseball cap.

If this is not enough, you have an ample amount of opportunities to brand the cap. Smart embroidery digitzers can create the wow effect through their professional work on different parts of the cap. The front part is the most suitable part of placing your logo. On both sides of the cap, you can print MLB team’s detail and other promotional stuff, artistically.

This comprehensive list will help you capitalize on commercial opportunities during the baseball season. There are a couple of things to keep in mind, though.

Try to be creative in selecting the promotional product for your business. To start off, make sure it matches well with your brand personality. Also, combine one or two promo products. For example, caps with beach towels for a hot day match.

Enough said.

The only thing left to say is:

Play Ball!

Enjoy the rest of the games, everyone.