Custom Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches or custom embroidered patches are our main product. We produce high-quality custom embroidered patches at affordable prices. We provide all backing options like Velcro, Iron on, peel and stick, and others.

Custom Printed Patches

Dye sublimated patches or printed patches are so trendy nowadays; they save you money and time. If your logo has a lot of tiny details and lettering, printed patches is the perfect option to choose from.

Custom Leather Patches

Custom Leather Patches are extremely famous in denim jackets, denim jeans. Almost all big apparel brands use the custom leather patches as clothing labels to display their brand logos.

Custom Chenille Patches

Custom Chenille Patches are extremely famous in denim jackets, denim jeans. Almost all big apparel brands use the custom Chenille patches as clothing labels to display their brand logos.

We provide quotes with a digital proof, Free revisions, No extra fee for RUSH logo, 6-hour to next morning

turnaround time, We specialize in small lettering, 3D puff, and applique digitizing. Send your logo now!

Custom PVC Patches

PVC patches or custom embroidered patches are our main product. We produce high-quality custom PVC patches at affordable prices. We provide all backing options like Velcro, Iron on, peel and stick, and others.

Custom Woven Patches

Woven patches or custom Woven patches are our main product. We produce high-quality custom Woven patches at affordable prices. We provide all backing options like Velcro, Iron on, peel and stick, and others.

Custom Iron on Patches

We make custom iron on patches for jackets, hats, and shirts with embroidery on fabric, dye sublimation printing on fabric, and laser engraving on faux/genuine leather. Iron on is not suitable for PVC labels. If you have any artwork ready, please send it. If you don’t, then we can create one for your project.

Custom Velcro Patches

We provide patches with velcro backing at wholesale prices. We manufacture velcro patches with the following types: Embroidered, Printed, Leather, Woven, Chenille, and PVC Patches. We sew the hard side of the velcro to the back of the patch. The soft side is attached to the hats.

Custom Sew on Patches

Sew on patches are good for jackets and bags. We always recommend sewing patches on jackets with a sewing machine. Iron on backing does not work on leather, nylon, sating or similar materials. You cannot use large sized iron on patches on jackets or vests. 

Custom Patches For Jackets

We make custom embroidered patches for leather jackets, leather vests, denim jackets, and others.
Please send us your image or logo; then, we will create a digital sample for free with a quote.

Custom Motorcycle Patches

If you are a member of a motorcycle club and looking for fantastic bike back patches, biker vest patches or you simply need some fine back patches for your jackets, we can create and also produce terrific embroidered patches for you or your bike club! They look just great, stunning and will absolutely make you stand out appearing special and smart.

Custom Name Patches

Everyone has a name, names tapes are the easiest form of recognition. Custom embroidered name patches are used in most locations like motorcycle clubs, firms, groups as well as military units which in their very own instance make use of ocp embroidered name patches. Our embroidered name patches are certainly the appropriate answer for you.

Custom Police Patches

Custom police patches by Excellent Digitizing for police and firefighters are delivered quickly! We make embroidered police patches for police uniform, embroidered firefighter patches for firefighters’ uniforms, and custom uniform patches for work attire.

Custom Firefighter Patches

If embroidered firefighter patches will go with them on calls, they need to be fire resistant…but not all fire rescue patch/fire dept patches require this type of material. You need to know the difference before you buy.

Backing/Attachment Options

Iron on Backing

People love iron-on patches because they are easy to attach to any clothing item. You can attach an iron-on patch with a dry home iron; you can also use a professional heat press machine for this job. These patches are attached to garments permanently; they don’t come off if applied properly.

Hook & Loop (Velcro)

Velcro backing is easy to apply and remove, so you can change up your patches as often as you like. This type of backing uses two strips of Velcro – one on the back of the patch and one on the surface where it will be affixed. When you press the two together, they create a secure bond that will keep your patch firmly in place.


Self-adhesive (also called peel and stick) is used to place the patch in the required position before sewing. It makes the sewing job much easier. Not all sewing professionals need self-adhesive with embroidered patches; experienced sewing service providers sew the patch with the help of a pin or needle.

Plastic Lamination

Plastic lamination backing makes patches more firm and stiff. The back of an embroidered patch has ties and trimmed threads; they look ugly. Even though no one sees the back after applying the patch, some people still don’t like that. So they need plastic backing to hide all those tiny threads and ties of an embroidered patch.

FAQs for Custom Patches

Yes, you can use it, but you must be careful while measuring the existing embroidered logo.

Put the shirt or jacket on a flat surface, and take a ruler or measurement tape to measure the current logo size. If the existing embroidered logo's height is 1.75" and width is 3.25", you need to add 0.50" inch to both sides.

The height should be 2.25", and the width should be 3.75". A slightly bigger patch will cover the current logo adequately.

Self-adhesive (Peel and Stick): For temporary (4-6 hours), use only

Self-adhesive backing has a sticky surface like a sticker. You can apply a patch with this backing without a heat-press machine; just peel and stick.

It works only on 100% cotton material or a rough surface. It does not stick on nylon, leather, plastic, or anything with a “slippery” surface.

Note: Select this backing if you want to put the patch only for one event (a few hours) only. Or, you can also use self-adhesive to place a patch on a clothing item to make the patch sewing process easier.

Optional: For better results, use a dry iron with a mild temperature for 4-6 seconds.

Iron on: For permanent use only

Iron on backing also called heat seal backing, needs a dry-iron or a heat press machine. A patch with this backing has a thin layer of “dried” glue that melts and sticks to the surface during the application process.

Note: Go with this when you want to apply a patch permanently.

Now, please tell us which option would you like with your patches?

Why is the iron on backing starting to come off?

If an iron on patch starts to come off, do I need to use a higher heat setting?

The first step is to increase the time, add 5 more seconds and check the outcome. If it is still not perfect, then you can increase the temperature by 10-15 degrees.

Note: Run some tests on rough/waste fabric. Do not run production without testing.

It depends on the product’s material, heat-press machine temperature, and pressure. If it is applied correctly, it does not come off.

  • For caps/hats, always sew the patches instead of iron on. The iron on patches are applied to the caps by a professional cap heat press machine.
  • For shirts/jackets/flat surface products, the iron on patches work well on rough surfaces and materials like cotton, wool, cotton blend, jute, denim, and similar. The wearer can re-iron the patches using a dry home iron.

The iron on patch sticks firmly on cotton, wool, polyester, or similar materials. The iron on patch does not stick on nylon, silk, leather, or similar materials.

Also, iron on patch sticks on a rough surface like pique, single jersey, fleece, canvas, denim, or similar surfaces. The iron on patch does not stick on a “slippery surface”.

To check the strength of an iron on patch, you can get some on eBay or Amazon at a low price, less than $5. Please test some before ordering us.

An iron on patch can be used as a sew on patch. A sewing service provider can sew an iron on patch as sew on patch. So, if iron on backing did not work, you can still achieve your decoration goal by sewing them on the clothing.

The iron on backing is a kind of glue that will make the embroidery process much more tricky, and the result will be so UGLY.

Even if you accept the "ugly" embroidery, you will not be able to iron on that patch. The glue will not stick. The dried glue is applied in a layer that will be damaged during the embroidery process.