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Top 5 NBA Uniforms that are Pushing the Boundaries of Fashion and Style

Ever since the start of NBA, the game has not only elevated the sports industry but made its mark on the America’s fashion symbol too. The electrifying jazz engulfed around this sports is like a never-ending fever for its fans.

In 2017, NBA changed their 11-year-old apparel provider partner, Adidas, to Nike. The NBA jersey designs have gone through a complete overhaul since then. Now, NBA has replaced their old uniform editions to three new versions of uniform for each team.

The three main new editions of these uniforms, Association, Icon and Classic edition, represents Nike’s special focus on sports and athleticism. The new uniform editions have been designed to pay tribute to NBA and its franchise heritage.

Although, Nike has given a new birth to NBA uniform designs, the team jerseys have never been out of fashion league.

Throughout NBA history, teams have pushed the limits of fashion to come up with stunning jersey designs. They played around with colors, lettering, sleeve styles and extensively used embroidery digitizing to create noticeable artworks on the fabric.

Today, we have sat down to list some of the best looking NBA jerseys for the season 2018-2019. This commentary will revolve around their choice of design and why some aspects work and some don’t.

Let jump right into the discussion.

1.    Chicago Bulls

Michal Jordan’s Chicago Bulls were never out of the game, at least from the fashion’s point of view. Michael is the game’s greatest player of all times. His famous dunk in 1988 NBA slam dunk contest still resonates with game enthusiast.

During 80’s no one could come even close to Jordan. I mean, how can take the ball from a 1.98 m tall guy in red uniform and gold chains dodging the opponents like they are high school kids?

Bull’s new swag is black and it looks just fine on them.

First of all, the four red stars on the front exudes extremely patriotic feeling. They have really played well with red and blue color on the black base color. Keep in mind that designers often mess up with black base color. The double blue lines on classic round color and arms looks perfectly fine.

The only odd thing about the uniform is round strips on the short.

We wish them a good luck for their matches.

2.    Philadelphia 76ers

Phila’s jersey designs sucked until 2015, especially their drop shadow creative adventures. But, they have learned their lessons and adjusted themselves quite nicely in recent times. Previously, they used (may I say overused) the iconic blue color and rightly mixed it with red and white stripes.

This time, though, they have opted to sweatshirt-themed gray base color. Some fans are naming the new edition as “all-time favorites” and some are calling them “great pajamas”.

Honestly, they are decent looking jerseys. The bright gray color looks good with red and blue color. Again the circular star on the front chest, the color-trio on the short and stripes makes it a top jersey for 2018-2019 season. Also, you can’t help but notice Nike’s blue logo on the left.

Time for some branding lessons. If you are planning to sponsor a local basketball tournament, you can digitize logo and creatively place it on the uniform. This will boost your brand and the business multifold.

3.    Charlotte Hornets

MJ’s Charlotte Hornets have not yet seen the type of success its owner had. But the team is doing something right. They are still valued a billion-dollar team pushing Jordan’s net worth to $1.65 billion. This team has a long-lived love affair with the teal color. We saw their favorite teal color with white text and purple stripes back in the 80s.

This time they have come up with a jaw-dropping motif. Who would have thought about this one? Simply Amazing. You need to give the credit to the designer for coming up with a close to minimalist design and getting rid of too much teal on the jersey.

Also, this is the only NBA jersey that carries a jumpman logo instead of Nike. Again the teal colored silhouette looks great on the jersey as well on the short.

Wait, don’t jump to conclusions that early. The lettering replacement from Charlotte to Buzz City doesn’t go well with the overall design. The front with these ugly borders. Are you serious?

Another question that took our sleep away at Excellent digitizing: What is the point of a hidden “CHA” on the short’s right flap if nobody can see it?

4.    Portland Trail Blazers

This team is a real trailblazer in showing how to use black color with artistic appeal. The black color married with the red color creates a magical experience. This jersey is one our most favorite jersey of NBA season. Can Nike still come up with better than this masterpiece?

The black jersey with the Portland’s favorite diagonal sash is their typical design. Comparing from the previous version, though, the sash, and the wordmark has become sleeker and sexier. Talking about wordmark, the tartan texture “Rip City” has a swag of its own.

We can’t stop talking about the sash, and why should we. It is shiny as hell, separating the black color with grey, makes us jump out of our seats. All in all, a stunningly beautiful outfit.

5.    Toronto Raptors

Raptors celebrated their 20th Anniversary during the 2014-15 seasons by wearing the Purple Dino throwback.

Raptors GM Masai Ujiri said in a statement.

“We are excited to bring back a piece of team history as part of our 20th Anniversary celebration,”

The rebranding effort was not up to the mark, however. This is probably the reason why they re-designed their uniform for 2017-18 seasons. And, this time they hit the bull’s eye. They unveiled their city edition Nike Jersey on twitter. As soon as you look at this edition, you say to yourself “Boy, this is one sweet combination of white and pale yellow color.”

First things first: you have to give them the credit of choosing the white color. The jersey’s upside down V design on the shirt, NORTH grey lettering, and simple V neck makes it a safe and minimal design.

An advice for Toronto Raptors: Stick to this design, until you come up with something better in the future.


So, this is it. These are some the best NBA outfits that are pushing the boundaries of creativity. Please keep in mind, that this is a non-comprehensive list as there are more beautiful designs out there.