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Mechanized Embroidery Digitizing – What is it?

The art of machine embroidery digitizing is a form of adorning garment. Making use of an embroidering digitizing program, a trained embroider/digitizer can transform an image, numberings, letterings or text to sewn patterns, thereby editing the image to a machine readable file format an embroidery machine could understand.

That is a moderate definition however, in reality it’s somehow involves more process. Like the way typing words using a word processing software doesn’t make any one automatically an author, that’s how being able to start an embroidery digitizing program on a PC doesn’t necessarily mean that  the operator is an embroider or digitizer. The work of an embroidery digitizer is not a what-you-click-is-what-you-get process.

Converting an artwork for embroidering makes use of the digitizer’s capability to see ahead before hand any of the smallest details. Professional embroidering digitizers smartly dissect each artwork, breaking them up into various layer section, bearing in mind how each segment attributes to one another, the color blending and combination and also the way each shadow plays its role with the light in order to set the environment that the artwork evokes.

After that the embroider uses the program’s tool to differentiate these sectors for re-editing, patterning under laying and overlaying threads, supervising the stitching procedures, utilizing threads to effect shading, and colorizing. Afterwards, the design is now reassembled to recreate the original threading, as many times as possible, with thread & it is then ready to begin its first sewn out.

Most times converting an artwork to thread is not achievable. Threads are 3-dimensional; and they are not greasy paints or digitally pixel sharp. An embroidering digitizer should have artistic, creative and problem-resolving qualities. A digitizer’s artwork is the PC monitor; PC keyboard and cursor are the palettes of the embroidering digitizers in the embroidery software.

However, an embroiders canvas represents the material, her brushes represents the sewing machine, needle and threads and their pallet is the software manufactured by the embroider. The nature of the machine is just like a robot waiting for commands and then implementing exactly what it was commanded to do so that the instruction can be repeated in other times. Factoring out technical errors or embroider issues, if an embroidering doesn’t sew out appropriately – then it isn’t the machine’s or digitizer’s fault.

Therefore the digitizers work is not totally restricted to a PC screen. Technical knowledge of material type & the push/pull factors of both are also required. The embroidering digitizer must also need to be familiar with needles, fabrics, and stabilizers and also most of all, must creatively increase the ‘limitations’ of digitizing machine embroidery.

As a professional embroidering digitizer, your attitude is: “There is NO impossibility!” More so, this spirit makes digitizing machine embroidery digitizing more fun and a rewarding career…

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