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Fresh New Ideas for Beginners Digitizing Machine Embroiders

Certain times, it is overwhelming and confusing to new comers in the field of digitizing embroidery machine. They wonder why they thought they could do it.

If you are one of such – do not be discouraged. When you get a hold on the tricks of the trade, you will cherish your newly found dream profession. It’s even possible that you may become addicted afterwards!


The first step is to go through your machine manufacturer’s manual and then try out some new techniques with digitizing embroidery as described in the manual that is associated with machine. Perhaps, it may be boring if there are only a few manuals that came with your machine, but it is a better way to start learning.


After that, look for any beautiful embroidered design collection magazine to begin searching for cool designs. Some bigger shopping malls offer great collection of designs, beginner lessons and a lot of creative ideas. You could also practice some embroidery techniques and design fit for stuffs like cut-work application, free standing fabric lace and 3D embroidering patterns. So many cool discoveries awaits your research, get comfortable, grab a cup of your favorite juice and get ready to be amazed. In the beginning, you might the terminologies being used may get you confused including some embroidering related tools and suggestions, hang on. Your growing zeal will see you through it all! When you get there, make sure you download all free embroidering designs you can lay your hands on. It’s a great start in building your collection of designs. It will also help in developing your creativity when you try out various designs from different brands. Test your potential skills and discover what you like, how you like it and your favorite style of digitizing.


Be guided that, it may not be cool to disclose your design recipe or secrets with your competitor, friend or acquaintance. Since you’ve been able to build a reasonable amount of collections in your design library, you’ll need to take your creativity to the next level, from your library to the computer, then to your digitizing machine. Your embroidery machine might include a built-in software with it to facilitate this, you might be able to connect your embroidery machine directly with your PC. If the embroidery machine did not come with the program, then you will need to look for a software program or a box that will help you. The box is like a memory card reader very much like the one most of us uses to upload photos with our digital cameras. This card like box will be readable by your embroidery machine’s format.

There are different types of boxes, and they always come with most basic programs to assist you. Be prepared to learn how it works. Immediately after you have got that done, you should have to add it to your collections of embroidering supplies. Your machine may come with some stabilizers and a set of scissors. It’s quite adequate for starters; however you will need some other tools. For FSL – free standing lace; you will need some kind of WSS (water-soluble-stabilizer). This stabilizer becomes helpful when the two side of your embroidering work may show, for example towels or table spread.

Apart from that, you will also need assortments of tear away & cut away stabilizer. They come in varying forms; hence there are a lot of choices to make. Have you tried any threads on your machine embroidering lately? You can choose between polyester and rayon. The super shiny one and most preferred for certain project is Rayon. Because it is becoming more as shiny and have an advantage that it could be bleached with no loss of colors of any kind. My favorite choice is polyester, however try using both.

You decide!

Add more basic color to start with and also add some more as your needs progresses. That’s all for now! Are you ready to make your embroidery needs a masterpiece?

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Have fun with your new hobby!

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