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List Of Qualities To Search For In Embroidery Thread.

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Thread as sparkly as the stars – Polystar Embroidery Thread is the designer of strong, sparkling embroidery thread and prewound embroidery bobbins. In this content I will drop some light on a few questions normally asked about Polystar products.

How was the name Polystar made and does it signify anything? Polystar may be the unique combination of the word “polyester” and star – star symbolizing the sparkle available on every spool of Polystar thread.

Polystar is created of polyester material, how is that more advanced than rayon thread? Unlike most bamboo threads, Polyester Embroidery Thread is very shiny and extremely solid. Polystar embroidery thread is really a two-ply polyester embroidery thread that is accurate and beautiful also. Polystar embroidery thread also will never lose its color if bleached, sometimes rayon is well-known for working .

Can there be any other products that Polystar Company creates? Indeed Polystar also produces durable plastic prewound bobbins, which unlike cardboard or side-less, are long lasting and produced to last. Polystar prewound bobbins come in two colors as well as black and white and they also function amazingly well in almost any residential embroidery machine. Polystar prewound bobbins are charged really low, unlike all Polystar products Polystar prewound bobbins possess amazing quality and worth.

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What is the quantity of line on each spool of Polystar thread and what kind of spool does Polystar make use of? Polystar thread can handle the length of eleven soccer fields, which is about 1, 000 yards or 1, 100 meters of thread, sufficient to last you a seemingly endless amount of embroidery patterns. Polystar thread is unique on small king spools, which function with a huge range of embroidery machines which includes cartridge system embroidery machines such as the Brother SE-270D.

How do I know which color I am applying? On the bottom part of each Polystar Embroidery Thread Spool is the color label (such as Pumpkin) and the color number, to make sure you always know what color you are applying when embroidering.

Exactly what sets are available for Polystar Embroidery Thread? Polystar creates a set of 61 unique colors which are attractive and has amazing colors ranging from Deep Rose to Olive Green. The Polystar 61 set also contains a durable, simply incredible thread box that houses each thread tight in its own specific area, so you never have threads lost or rattling about. The box also has a magnetic door to ensure that your box is shut. Polystar also creates a country color set which consists of 42 beautiful pastel-like colors, which are excellent for projects that are utilizing country type designs or for designs that do not need the vibrancy of the 61 color set. On top of that, Polystar also makes another set known as the Nick colors, which are super-vibrant, and they are great for any project that requires some extra sparkle or colors that pop out at you when embroidered.

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