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Embroidery Digitizing For Perfection – It Can Be Done!

Embroidery Digitizing For Perfection

Every digitizer dreams of offering perfection on every order and also getting a pat on the back for a job properly done. But, the real truth is this it is often easier said than done. With a lot of factors at work, for example design intricacies, colors, material types, specialized embroidery digitizing effects like 3D or appliqué requirements, stabilizers, hoops and what not, it becomes a lot more difficult to also perceive perfection as a chance. However, you must not lose heart. Just knowing the components and how they socialize, plus placing a program in place can really bring you closer to providing excellence in every order.

As a digitizer, you cannot just reduce yourself to delivering the files and shrug off any obligation as to what goes incorrect during creation. While having your digitizing-side arranged is winning half the battle, you should keep in mind that the manufacturing floor is where it all comes together and the destiny of your design is lastly sealed. So, as an expert if you wish to accomplish perfection, you have to pay interest to the digitization, outfit preparation and machine operation for effective troubleshooting, before the customer finds an opportunity to ring you up with an issue.

Big No-No’s

Choosing the incorrect setup for garment type

– This can be easily solved by just paying attention on the work information or questioning your customer for the same. Once you are sure about the clothe you’re digitizing for, it’s important to look into the push and pull of the garment. While rigid garments have minimal pull, flexible or smooth fabrics allow for better pull, making the stitches come on smaller than expected. When embroidery digitizing keep in mind to make up for this effect with suitable underlay or suggest the usage of stabilizer to bring about great results.

Incorrect design parameters

– Considering the fact that you can break free with adjusting a well-digitized design to suit your customer’s demands cannot ever bring you good results. This involves playing around with the size, underlay, thickness, stitch length or even pull payment. Always produce tailor-made records, as the “one size suits all” principle has no spot in the embroidery digitizing business.

Wrong design software for fabric type

– Once again considering the fact that a data file created for a specific type of fabric can be utilized on another is a big no-no. Every fabric offers unique needs and features, knowing them and digitizing correctly makes all the difference.

Garment Prep

The path to embroidery digitizing excellence goes through suitable garment preparation. While many think that properly hooping the dress is sufficient, it isn’t true. The perfect use of backing and/or topping also creates a big difference. A simple idea to your customer on the type and amount of stabilizer or topping to be utilized will certainly go a long way in removing any sort of registration problems.

Machine Performance

Not all embroidery problems can be charged on the digitization. If you are sure that you have carried out everything under your control as well as double checked the quality of your own styles with proper test runs, then machine operation needs to be investigated. Incorrect thread tension, incorrect hoop installation and needle choice are areas that can damage the outcome of a properly digitized design.

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