You are currently viewing Part II: Visual Merchandising Ideas to Entice Customers of Apparel Industry

Part II: Visual Merchandising Ideas to Entice Customers of Apparel Industry

Today, we are going to continue our previous discussion about Visual Merchandising ideas. Our last post on the (Part I: Visual Merchandising Ideas to Entice Customers of Apparel Industry) discussed in length about being visually appealing. Also, it was about how Retail Store Managers and Entrepreneurs can use the magical power of visual merchandising.

From the store’s front display hook to using advanced technology, this technique has an arsenal of jaw-dropping ideas to penetrate in human (your customer) brain.

If done right, it can turn non-customers into loyal brand enthusiasts.

So without any further due, let us dive right into our paused discussion.

5.    Tell Your Story

We process information much more quickly when we receive it in the form of a story.

From the customer’s first entrance to the store till their exit, you have to chance to tell them a well-crafted story. This should be inspirational and sticky to the extent that leaves them talking about it for days if not months.

Identify a theme that travels with your story.

We suggest that you not limit yourself to the classic themes that mark the passing of the seasons (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, beach holidays or the beginning of school). Go further!

You can simply start from a color, a word, or a unique prop… everything can be a source of inspiration! Unusual and unexpected ideas can drive criticism but inevitably affect the visitor’s attention.

Provide branded t-shirt to your staff saying: “Here to Help”, “I can Help” or simply “May I help”. This can be easily done using any professional logo digitizing service.

Help customers take your story online. Provide them Free-Wi-Fi inside the store so that they can share their selfies with the new shirt or pant on social media. Run a #hashtag campaign and ask customers to use the tag for posting a picture.

6.    Group Products to Increase Sales

By Grouping products together through a number of ways, retailers make it easy for their customers to find the product. This ease up the decision-making process and result in more sales in less time.

a.      Group based on Characteristics such as Color

Group the color that always attracts attention and put them on the front. Try combining colors that belong to the same nuance or, on the contrary, in contrast with each other. It helps the customer.

You can isolate different colors of the same product using separators. Simply digitize logo of the product with corresponding colors and print it on plastic or fabric separates.

The French retail fashion brand, Ceolini, did it in style. It artfully placed its trendy design shoes in a way to categorized them using colors.

b.      Group based on “Rule of Three”

Another way to categorize products is by using the “Rule of Three”.

This rule is applying in writing, conversation, marketing and anywhere that it fits. Simply put, our brain is wired to pay attention to and remember anything that comes in the number of three.

Why do you think you can easily remember and recall CNN, BBC, and FOX. They all have three letters in their name.

In the retail world, this means arranging your products in sets of three. For example, three sizes of t-shirts: Small, Medium, and Large. For colors: Only display primary colors or chose any three that are in high demand.

c.      Group Based on “Eye Level”

One final way to categorize your product is by using “Eye Level” of your target customer.

Let me explain. To set up a vertical space, eye level is the buy level. The eye level is the lateral view that your customer focuses on while standing straight. This is where the product gets maximum exposure and focus.

This is powerful. Use this level to place your higher-priced products or products that your customer usually does not look for.

Bonus Tip: You can play around with product placement to increase attention and hopefully, sales. For example, try placing belts, socks, hats on the point of sales or the exit door. Why?

Because when the customers are heading out, they are making sure that they did not miss anything. This is the right time to show them something they can pick for the last-minute purchases.

7.    Kill with Written Content

Recall signs, captions, and information boards must contain as soon as possible short and easy-to-read messages, using a font appropriate to the clientele (play with fonts, size and colors). The handwritten ones are the most popular but better to refrain from this practice if you cannot produce a visually appealing piece.

You can use your company slogans, encouraging words like” Go for it” and “If you can’t stop thinking about it, purchase it.”

You can also use famous quotes, song lyrics, and jingles.

We also strive to use the right words: For example, when we write “Don’t touch” it is as if we were communicating “Don’t buy!”.

This is a mistake that is often committed in good faith, but we suggest that you find more courteous ways to communicate a sensitive message. For example: “The Staff is happy to help you with the test of the articles” or “We have the staff available to help you with this product.”


Visual Merchandising is more of an art than science. As with any art, there are no set rules. The more you become creative, playful, and fearless, the better chances of coming up with transformational ideas.

Also, it is highly recommended to keep changing the design and layout of the store. With ever-shrinking attention span, the customer today quickly gets bored with sameness. So, keep experimenting with new looks to keep them interested. They will keep them coming for years.

As an Entrepreneur or Store Manager, you would want to create a wow-effect on your customers. The ever-competitive retail industry is dealing with new challenges every day, e-commerce, for example. This should force you up your game rather than bogged down by it.

Through effective visual Merchandising, you can not only increase the footfall, but retain and increase it with time.

Good Luck.