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Ever Growing Land of Quilt Embroidery Designs and Patterns

The Land of Quilt Embroidery

Today could be a big day in the USA. Very big day – and for numerous reasons. While I see it as a good day of connecting, not all share my opinion and it makes me unhappy. Our country is ever growing, ever dynamic, and stills a land of greatness and opportunity for all. And yet, as necessary because it is, I’m barely being attentive. We finally found a new home, and also the prospect of having the ability to line up my new stitching studio in 2 weeks’ time is taking precedence in my very little world,While I make my living through machine embroidery styles and designs, together with quilt embroidery, all I can have faith in right away is making quilts. Many of mine got ruined in the nice basement flood of 2012, thus I’m planning on creating new ones to go with our new home and also the new interior decoration (thanks to an ornamental minded landlord). Never before have I had designer-color painted walls; however I do know I will get pleasure from every moment of them. Trouble is, my few remaining quilts only gets better with bland white or cream walls. Not the blue, grey, yellow and taupe walls throughout the new house. Rather than the standard white, I actually have modern colors to play with, which suggests more modern quilts in addition.

This is exciting, however also but a bit intimidating. I am traditional to my toes, which shows in my fiber art obsessions of quilting, sewing, embroidery, crochet, cross-stitch and additional. I do fancy mixing up colors, although for completely sudden twists. Machine embroidery quilt designs come in handy for this! I could create a non-traditional quilt and so quilt it making use of traditional-style embroidery quilting designs, or I could build a completely ancient quilt and complete it with trendy quilt embroidery for that part of originality. Numerous choices!

Other than seeing family and friends we tend to miss while in Greece, being back in California also implies that I actually have numerous material stores to go to. Most of my quilting accessories remained boxed up in Greece, therefore I have} only an obscure recollection of what I actually have. Despite the fact that I would like to buy, buy, buy, knowing that I may already have already got this-or-that item puts a real damper on my shopping mode 🙂 joy. But, I will understand what is in my stash in a very few short weeks so I will proceed with a stash-stuffing, quilting accessories frenzy! After all, I am going to also have to add to my stock of embroidery quilt styles and designs just to be very sure I’ve got the right choices for my forthcoming projects. You know there is no such thing as “enough” in quilting!

I’m pretty certain that my husband suspects that creating quilts is much more important to me than outside events most of the time, however, I do not wish to grant him definite proof of that! Thus, while I daydream concerning embroidery quilting, I am off to go spend some quality time with him gives he pays attention to the worldly vital things. If I get it right, he can never understand that I’ve got visions of fat quarters and colorful thread on my mind!

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