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Redefining Quilt Embroidery

Quilt Embroidery

Faced with the exciting, nevertheless intimidating, task of putting in place my room, I’m remembering the 3 previous stitching areas that I can call my very own. The first was simply a lowly table, 2 feet by four feet that housed my household appliance and cutting mat. It had been tucked underneath the window of the room that was additionally used as a den, guest area, and residential office. It had been fantastic,But, creating quilt embroidery takes up a great deal of space. As my goals turned towards long-arm quilting, I knew I definitely needed a bigger space. I got the space that usually did house nothing but naughty kitties at midnight (the only way to keep them off the counters). The cats were happy to get free reign of the house, and though I was the joyful recipient of a big enough room space of my own. Simply storing my quilting accessories and supplies was an enormous task, however, we tend to managed to fit everything in that I required, together with my own long-arm quilting setup.

I spent many years in that stitching room, but I did not pay huge sums. I turned 2 slim cupboards into a custom cutting table just by putting them consecutively to each other. The amount, and size, of quilting accessories that would fit in there, was very amazing.

And, after I got my 1st embroidery machine, and started my journey of discovering embroidery quilting, it got tucked into one phase of this huge cutting table. Flexibility was the name of the game!

The walls were adorned with racks and racks of stitching thread and different tools. The addition of huge fluorescent lights gave me the right balance to see things more clearly. The inbuilt table and shelves in what had been the closet gave me much-needed work area for my stitching and sewing machines. It has been really an incredible room and setup. I became a bit spoiled.

When we relocated to Greece, I had the choice of an enormous finished basement for my stitching studio. Creating quilts in this house would have been completely astonishing. As luck would have it, it never worked out as thought. If it had, I will have lost all of my machines in a huge leak when our radiators got tampered with. Instead, I had an alternative to a good-sized sleeping room (without a closet) or a small bedroom (with closets). I floated around from one room to the other, even creating quilt embroidery in a corridor for a short time until I changed my mind on the larger bedroom.

The new scenario was that I did not have any piece of furniture for the new room. My previous cutting table cupboards did not fit in it through the move, and my previous table was still inbuilt at the old house. So we watched for sales and eventually got the space established. The only main downside was that there was no room for storing my quilting accessories – a lot of space, none for storage.

Two flights right down to the basement and my stash.

In this room, I spent less time on creating quilts and a lot longer making use of all the fantastic machine embroidery quilt designs I had collected over the years. The second floor, where this room was situated, was continuously spotless as a result of the fact that I would clean and organize while my embroidery machine did the work of quilt embroidery – lovely.

My new setup continues to be in limbo. I actually have the piece of furniture for many reasons, however, the spaces are restricted. We are getting into the tiniest house we’ve lived in for nearly over 20 years. One less bedroom and no basement for storage. It’s like I will be able to share my stitching space with the laundry space and space for storing all in the garage.

I don't know if I am okay with it or not, however, I do understand that I will be able to get back to creating quilts and adorning them with fabulous embroidery quilting very soon!

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