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Excellent Digitizing Houston, Texas – Tracing the History of Embroidery

Tracing the History of Embroidery

The History of Ancient Embroidery

Embroidery digitizing could be a lovely kind of expression. It represents a creative output that has been created with precision, diligence and hard work. There are no doubts that this powerful art adds life to material and articles.

At Excellent Digitizing LLC, we have a tendency to breathe life into promotional products and materials by delicately printing your company brand image, logo or message. We also believe that we are carrying forward an inventive tradition that began thousands of years past.

Origins of Embroidery

The origins of embroidery digitizing could be traced back to our early ancestors who used animal skins to stitch as the form of their clothing. With most garments looking alike, embroidery was the only means they could make clothes look unique and different. Animal fur, shells and plant product were used to embroider clothes in the past.

As years passed, all the different tribes began making use of their own style of embroidery digitizing decoration. This resulted in unique embroidery digitizing designs for various regions of the planet – most notable among these being the Chinese, Egyptian and African style of ancient wear.

It did not take long before gold, silver, and stones were being used to beautify article of clothing and private belongings.

The history of embroidery machines could be traced back to the nineteenth (19th) century with the introduction of shuttle embroidery.

This sealed the path for the birth of stitching machines and handlooms that revolutionized the trade.

The Modern World of Embroidery Digitizing

Computers have played a significant role in facilitating bulk order and mass production of embroidered designs. These days it’s possible to make knotty and elaborate designs that capture the essence of a brand. Excellent Digitizing LLC has a wide sample gallery of T-shirt, official uniforms, bags, sweat shirts, caps and company work wear which can be custom-made along with your brand logo, slogan or message. Our embroidery machines have multiple heads that facilitates the embroidery of multiple dresses all at the same time.

About Excellent Digitizing LLC

Excellent Digitizing LLC aims to be one of the world’s largest providers of embroidery services with over 8 years of experience headquartered in Houston Texas and with stores and delivery within the US and around the world.

Excellent Digitizing LLC holds over eight years of expertise in the art of Digitizing Embroidery. With its capability of recreating patterns to the tee on material and providing superior quality, Excellent Digitizing LLC has become one amongst the most prestigious corporations in the international Embroidery Digitizing market.

Acknowledged for dependability, extremely competitive costing and client satisfaction, Excellent Digitizing LLC is a household name to reckon with in the Embroidery Digitizing industry.

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