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I am beginning the process of re-doing a skirt for one amongst my son’s friends. She bought it on-line, cannot return it, and it’s just too tight for her. She loves it enough that she asked that I work a miracle. Did I mention that the main material is themed from an accredited children’s book and that I am unable to find it anywhere? OH, yes, I will be able to be a miracle worker if I will pull this off!To begin, I have to completely pull the skirt apart, together with the fitted waist and also the ruffled and lacy hems. Then, I need to add panels, extend the waist and find some way to feature more to the ruffles and lace at the base before putting it all back together. Without my machine embroidery, I would not even think about it!

My favorite embroidery style gallery has already provided me with an option to produce free-standing lace edgings that look virtually just like the first, and that I will sew as much as I want with the assistance of my large stash of thread for machine embroidery. I simply need to get final approval on many cute designs that look like the initial material enough that I will use them to make more material. Once this can be done, I will get started!

This skirt strikes a chord in my memory of why i really like the world of machine embroidery so much. I grew up in a surrounding by the hand-made dress of the ladies in my family. Quilts, doilies, crocheted and unwoven article of clothing were simply some part of it. As an adult I fell infatuated with linens and clothings embellished with pretty, feminine embroidery. Of course, I did not love the costs to shop for these items, and I did not have time to make them myself.

Then, I got my 1st embroidery machine! OH, glory!

Does anyone besides me assume that flannel sheets are completely unromantic? i really like them in the winter, however they do not speak of romance to me. With some extraordinary free embroidery designs, I turned my flannel sheets and pillowcases into beautiful floral works of art. I am presumptuous on something like this could be high-priced in the departmental stores, however I’ve I have never seen something like them. Score one for embroidery!

And those sheets were simply the beginning! My home is currently filled with the sweetness I grew up with. Because of it I did not have to use the time to create them fully by hand, I am less troubled about them really getting used. What is the purpose of saving pretty things for special occasions? My machine embroidery allows me to create each day special. And, sometimes, it permits me to recreate the occasional miracle. Making napkins to match my dishes is one example; pillows to match a valuable tiffany lamp another!

I’m happy to be empowered to use my skills, also as my in depth stash of embroidery supplies, to create this young woman’s skirt to exactly what she desires it to be! We tend to all see beauty in different parts of our lives. It’s my pleasure to enable her see hers!

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