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List of 7 Promo Products For Employees to Skyrocket Your Employer Branding and Employee Engagement

It was tiring times for General Electric in 1981 in terms of financial profitability. Nothing seemed to be working for them. This was when they brought the ‘winning genius,’ Jack Welch in their squad.

Jack, through his meticulously fighting approach, turned around the company’s fortune in a relatively short period.

He, and the corporate world learned a valuable lesson during this transformation: Human resource is one of the crucial departments of the organization. Why? Because one of their core jobs is to attract and retain the best talent in the market.

Through employer branding, big brands communicate to their employees that they are not just another brand. The result: their employees, comparatively, are much satisfied, engaged, and loyal.

They try to differentiate their employer brands in a variety of ways.

One of them is the giving employee gifts of promo product.

Very simply, they digitize logo of their brand and print it on a t-shirt, cap, backpack, or other items so that their employees can proudly wear them outdoors and social gatherings. All the more exposure to their brand.

Find below some of the very impactful promo products that you can gift to your most valuable resource – human resource.

1.    Beverage Mugs

Chances are your employees need a mug for tea, green tea, coffee, or smoothie, and fresh juices. This can be the ideal employee gift for them.

To make the whole thing fun and unique, play around with the mug branding. Apart from your logo, you can print company values, vision and mission, short motivational messages, horoscope signs, or whatever you think will work.

2.    Phone Grips

Let us face it. There is no life without a smartphone these days. As an employer, you can only limit the usage of phones in the workplace but cannot abandon it altogether. In fact, most of the job functions require the worker to be active on smartphones all the time.

Give them a branded phone grip. They will thank you for this gesture. These expandable phone grips serve as the hand support during phone usage and save the phone from popping out of hand.

As a piece of branding advice, do not go for your corporate color as the base color of the grip. Match the color of your employee’s phone, instead, and play around with your brand logo color to make it stand out.

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3.    Branded T-Shirt or Baseball Cap

World’s top company, Apple, has been capitalizing on employer branded t-shirt idea for ages. Their stunning blue t-shirt with a white logo on the left is loved by many. So much so that it is now being sold on Amazon.

You can do this too. All you have to do is get the required amount of blank t-shirts, digitize your logo through an embroidery digitzing process, and print your digitized artwork using one of the printing techniques. Voila! You are done

If employer branding on a full-blown t-shirt sounds too much for you, go for a baseball cap. This will work wonders in certain situations. For example, during an annual employee sporting event. Other events include plantation drive where employees volunteer for the cause.

4.    Performance Awards

High performing brands never miss the opportunity to recognize and reward their high performing employees. This is based on the psychology of positive reinforcement. Simply said, any behavior that is rewarded will be repeated.

This should be enough to convince you for using physical performance awards as a source of motivation for employees and employer branding for you.

They come in plenty of forms: iceberg glass, diamond shapes, towers, cups, golden lady, and many more.

You can play around with them according to the nature of the award. For example, loyal employees can be rewarded with a golden lady shape award.

Off course, if you are battling with a limited budget, stick to one standard design that you do not have to change every time.

5.    Removable Vehicle Stickers

Employees use company provided or personal vehicles to commute to work. Use that to your advantage. Visually appealing stickers decorate the vehicles. So, attention to detail will be required for the sticker artwork.

Again, you can use motivational quotes and other content along with your logo to make it interesting. Don’t forget, you want people to look at the sticker, as much as possible.

However, make sure that it does not make their vehicles look crowded with promotional messages. It will hurt both of you in the long run.

6.    Customized Notebook with a Pen

Technology has shifted a lot of physical writing to digital formats. We now have Google calendar, Microsoft office online, Windows Notepad, Trello, Asana, and digital sticky notes to handle official meetings, notes, ideas and work management.

But, many believe that the traditional notepad and pen cannot be replaced.

For example, Justin Rosenstein, Co-founder of Asana (web and mobile application designed to help teams manage their day to day work) says “For brainstorming and early designs, nothing beats writing on paper.”

This is an ideal gift both for newly hired or old employees. Personalize both items with a company logo and color, and distribute it as much as possible.

As for branding enthusiasts, you can tuck in branded pages inside the Notebook to tell compelling company stories and achievements.

7.    Stress Relieving Massager

Workload, goals, and general personal and professional stress is not a distant thing anymore. Statista says workplace stress leads to unhealthy behaviors such as drinking and crying.

If you are really concerned about your employee’s health, show it by giving them stress-busting massager. Yes, they do exist.

They come in many fun and exciting shapes like football, Rugby ball, tortoise and traditional three-legged ones. They are meant to work on the human head, shoulders, face, and similar body parts.

If you really want to make an impact, go for foot massagers. They are expensive but worth the money.

To become a great brand, make your employee your hero. Apart from a thank you, appreciation letter and employee recognition, gift them a promo product. They will not forget how you made them feel.


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