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The Secrets Of Shadow Embroidery

Shadow embroidery digitizing is a method that creates unexplainable shadow impact on the sewn cloth. It is also called a White work method. Shadow embroidery is carried out on dress accessories, children’s clothes, underwear and household sheets.

The process of making shadow embroidery may seem complicated for the very first time, but basically it is very easy-to-make. The stitch is performed on pure, transparent or firmly weaved threads. For the ground garment you may pick whatever you like: viole, batiste, fine fabrics or muslin, artificial or pure silk etc. Ready designed clothes can be embroidered with the shadow effect stitches. There are few points you need to learn about shadow embroidery. Work dual back stitch on the right side of your fabric.

The opposite side of the fabric will be slowly formed a herringbone stitch. These types of herringbone stitches are produced for the shadow result. One more thing is closeness of the stitches. If the stitches are close to one another, a deeper shadow is released. If they are not so close together, a lacy result is found on the right side. Tiny individual stitches the actual lace as an outline. Perfect for creating shadow effect are silk or cotton yarns. You can even use one ply of embroidery floss, along with a number 7 or less crewel needle with a hoop. Colors can be more powerful if you add additional plies to the fibers. Below are two types of using shadow embroidery to produce something gorgeous.

1) How you can embroider a flower by using shadow stitches? Stems are designed with good back chain stitching on the right side of the cloth. To create the centre of the flower, around which the petals tend to be, work with French knot clusters on the right side. Petals and leaves must have an outline, loaded up with shadow stitches. Use green for the colors of stems as well as leaves. Petals can have any kind of color. You can include white floss on the white painting for quite a few details and gain wonderful results. When selecting a design, use transfer patterns or even make up something yours. Stitch on the wrong side of pure material and see the results of shadow embroidery on the right side.

2) How can you produce a small cushion or a cushion by using shadow embroidery? To make a pillow you need the following items: number 7 or better crewel needle, two 9 inch squares of pure fabric, ordinary muslin, embroidery hoop, embroidery floss, dressmaker’s carbon paper or even hot iron transfer pen, one yard beautiful lace, matching thread, and small amount of polyester fiberfill.

The style you need to embroider must be moved on the wrong side of the cushion top with the use of hot iron transfer pencil. After that it is time to put garment in the embroidery hoop. If, for instance, you wish to embroider a flower, stick to the Number 1 suggestions, making use of French knot for the centre and shadow stitching for the petals. Close herringbone stitch is just great for creating flowers. The beautiful lace ought to be stitched around the edge of pillow top. With a seam you should sew together pillow top and bottom edges. Ensure that you keep one side unseamed for the cushion filler to place inside. Cut the three sides and the corners. The muslin and polyester material fiberfill can work as fillers. Sachets of potpourri could also be put inside before seaming the fourth side of the cushion.

Before trying upon bigger areas, exercise shadow embroidery on smaller areas, such as pockets, belts, caps etc. Be cautious when using the iron for covering up minor lines on collars, belts and other smaller areas. It may damage the shadow embroidery.

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