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Which Is The Best Option Among Screen Printing And Embroidery?

With the developing styles and new marketing strategies, screen printing, as well as custom embroidery digitizing (embroideries), are distributing their very own market. Many business agencies go for custom made T-shirts and other wears for their workers which have improved as an excellent marketing strategy.

To get these types of custom designs, the two most popular methods are display screen printing and embroideries. It is highly difficult to know that which one is perfect for you. Here is some valuable information that will assist you in selecting the best method for you…

First, let’s discuss embroidery. The custom embroidery is carried out in two procedures whereby the first step is to obtain an electronic design and style for your business logo. This method is carried out through the help of a software which transforms your design into a machine made form. After this step the pattern is duplicated into the stitches and embroidery is done on the clothing. This entire process requires only Ten minutes.

While we discuss about screen printing, you need to look at many factors. First you have to make a design and examine the quality of screen and machine that is being utilized for the process. The design is produced in Adobe Illustrator (software). After this stage, the design is branded over a film in the presence of light. There are specific kinds of screens which are used to deposit the ink to obtain fine designs. After performing some chemical procedures the screen is all set to print the clothes. The time frame for this procedure is based on the actual structure of your design. This method is time-consuming because it can only print one t-shirt within 15 minutes.

If you compare both processes, you will discover that speed is the major reason upon which you can make a choice. However, in case of embroidery the pitfall is that it takes several minutes for embroidery the pattern, if the logo design has a big size.

When we consider the quality, then we are going to discover that screen printing can be washed off after sometimes. Having said that embroidered T-shirts as well as cloths are long lasting. Also, embroidery is less expensive than screen printing.

The final decision between these two techniques depends upon your requirement of job. If you wish to use the designs for promo clothing, then screen printing is excellent for you while in business clothing embroidery is the perfect choice.

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