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The Science of Digitizing Embroidery

The Technology

Mention the term embroidery and the image that is most probably to come quickly to mind is an old woman hunched over the framework working the thread and needle. Though manual embroidery still retains its elegance; however, given the speed of commercialization, digitizing embroidery has surfaced as the new ally for anybody looking forward to immaculate designs on materials in the shortest turn-around time workable.

By description, digitizing embroidery essentially entails the transformation of a graphic image into stitches using specific software that may be read by embroidery machines for execution. Though it might sound like a simple task, the truth is as disparate as chalk from cheese. Just like utilizing a paint application will not make one an artist, similarly understanding how to open up the digitizing embroidery software will not make one a digitizer. There’s a certain science mixed up in the process, which is revealed below:


The Thread –

The machine is an automatic robot that will follow instructions as directed. A thread, in contrast, to paint, is three dimensional, this means that the digitizer will need to have the vision to recognize the type of thread and colors that will assist in bringing out the artwork flawlessly on fabric, as after the data file is put to work there is not much you can do to salvage the situation. Making use of the digitizing embroidery software as his chemistry position, the digitizer needs to zero down on the best mixture of threads and stitches possible, in order that the final result is awe-inspiring.


The Fabric –

The digitizer must keep an eye on the push and pull variable of the materials the design is eventually to be sewn onto. The design and quantity of stitches have to be adjusted based on the power or delicacy of the fabric. While digitizing embroidery for any type of fabric, a thorough expert will usually administer a top quality check before handing over the data files to ensure a smooth production run.


The various tools in the digitizing embroidery software kit are numerous, and only an experienced specialist knows how to make the most of them. The digitizer must learn how to dissect an image and know how various components such as colors, sections, and layers will interact jointly to evoke the same appear and feel as the principal artwork. The digitizing embroidery specialist must first separate sections for resizing, determining stitching sequences, redrawing, applying shadow tactics, underlying, overlaying, etc. and then reassemble the items for the perfect last fit.

The job of the digitizing embroidery professional or digitizer is similar to a scientist, who needs to be aware of the essential components of all elements involved and then think of a formula through learning from mistakes.

A formula that’s not only unique but also quality examined for nothing significantly less than absolute success.

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