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Quilting And Machine Embroidery Team Up For Beautiful Quilts

Embroidery machine can be used for piecing, quilting, and embellishing beautiful quilts of all sizes. With an embroidery machine, piecing is more precise, quilting is easier, and quilts can be embellished with embroideries ranging from red work and outlines, to traditional satin stitch embroideries, to monograms, to perfect appliqué.

Quilt-making and Machine Embroidery Form teams for Beautiful Quilts.

Adornments machines may be used for piercing, quilting, and embellishing gorgeous quilts of all shapes. With the aid of an embroidery machine, piercing is more accurate, quilting is simpler, and also quilts can be embellished with embroideries ranging from red work and traces, to traditional silk stitch embroideries, to monograms, to perfect appliqué.

On the net there are lots of resources for embroidery styles that are digitized especially for piercing and quilting. Two creative designers who have published excellent print resources for piercing in the hoop are Eileen Roche from Designs in Machine Embroidery and Larisa Bland at Pierced in the Hoop.

Three other top quality resources for online piercing-in-the-hoop styles happen to be Kenny Creations, Skeldale House, and Queen of Stitches. These are by no means the only resources for such patterns, due to the fact that this is a booming new region for quilters and embroiderers as well.

Hoopsisters make styles, which include even more embroidery in addition to the piercing, for complete quilts in the hoop. Many of the designs are traditional, but some are modern art quilts. Jenny Haskins is well-known for her embroidered quilts, and she recently come out with a book, A Place in the Sun, a quilt both appliquéd and quilted totally in the embroidery hoop. Her other embroidered quilts are really embellished and utilize many different methods to achieve gorgeous results. Kenny Kreations, mentioned above, also offers great embroidered quilts, where embroidery is the aim.

Some digitizers have formulated embroidery designs for appliquéd as well as embroidered quilt blocks. They are relatively fast and easy to produce, and they are much quicker than traditional appliqué methods. A recent addition towards the list of digitizers in this area is Lunch Box Quilts.

A lot of the major digitizers have made quilting designs for quilting blocks and borders. One of the strengths, however utilizing an embroidery machine for quilting is that, one is not restricted to traditional quilting designs. Any kind of outline or red work pattern can be utilized for quilting along with incredible, customized results. The quilt sandwich is fairly fixed, so most quilting in the hoop can be carried out without any extra stabilizer, making it quite economical as well as fast, easy, and gorgeous.

Machine embroidery may be used to create an entire quilt, or even improve a traditionally pierced quilt. The next time you look intimidated at having to quilt a large quilt pay for another person to do so for you, consider using your own embroidery machine to help you out. The possible combinations of hand as well as machine work are unlimited, and the accuracy of machine embroidery can improve your job, taking it to another level of beauty and quality.

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