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Evaluating a Digitizer and Your rights when purchasing embroidery digitizing service.

When searching for an embroidering digitizing service provider, putting together a list of potential providers is merely the first thing in your selection process. At this point it’s time to do some investigative research. Create a clear list of what you expect from your embroidery digitizing service so that you will know what to request and more over, so you will know when you have reached the right person to meet your needs. Prioritize your options before initiating any transactions like: your budget or your quality expectation. Make a list of the things that are important to your project based on your demands. You can use these pointers as an example guideline to Research the company

  • Check how long your potential service provider has been in business?
  • Find out the king of equipment they use to render digitized embroidery?
  • Check for their samples and examine it if it meets your requirements?
  • The number of their employees is a good indication to their manpower –Ask, find out?
  • How’s their customer care representative? – Find out how the resolve common everyday issues?


When the Search Is Finally Over

When your findings pays off, you have done your investigations then that means that you can finally order; – Right?

You’re wrong!

In this regards, you have been on the winning side, finding answers to your questions. However, be aware that you have certain rights to protect you being the purchaser; furthermore, you should be aware that there are other sides to this business transaction – which are your responsibilities to your potential embroidery service provider. Failure to fulfill these obligations could mean that ultimately, you have no claims to your potential rights.

Potential Rights and privileges when outsourcing embroidery digitizing Service

  • Stated time of Delivery
  • Your personal information protection and confidentiality
  • Your expectations based on the quality and specifications as specified by the servicing company
  • Right to open communication from Embroidery Company regarding your needs.
  • Refunds or repeats when embroider fails to meet up their specifications.
  • Supply of professional advice on design procedures and techniques.


Your Responsibilities to the Embroider:

  • Make the best artwork possible available: specify the original color and the actual dimensions.
  • Request orientation on what can and can’t be achieved with embroidery.
  • Request and educate yourself/potential customers on any limitations
  • Request for a first sample before making payments and make sure that any errors are corrected before applying the design on your garments.
  • Always speak out!Embroiders are not magicians and they cannot read your mind.


Now you may ask, are there any such things like a perfect embroider?

The answer is NO, none more than as if there are any perfect people.

In most cases, it is probably ideal to make use of the least 2 or even 3 digitizers at the same time. The process of searching for a perfect digitizer is a continuous process. Because your needs grow and change of priorities remain constant, you will definitely require an array of varying services from digitizers. Only keep exploring, researching and evaluating; you’ll find your perfect digitizer.

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