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Machine Embroidery Design – The Joy of Many Options

It was after a long time of making quilts and sewing that I decided to kick start my machine embroidery passion. Upon understanding well how durable embroidering designs can be, I made a decision to give myself a try at digitizing embroidery independently. However, my first try were full of one error or the other, but I had great fun in the entire practice so well that I didn’t stop trying. Later on, I realized that I have uncovered a passion that I could actually embrace as my new full-time job, abandoning my previously boring job of accounting permanently.

This is something I have been seeking to accomplish for a very long period, so you can see how exciting it could be! For sure, delivering high quality digitizing embroidery services takes more commitment than just merely deciding to do it! It was more than twelve months when I finally discovered my style & saw positive results with my own designs, at this point they were exactly what I expected them to be. Putting up my first product in the market was a very exciting moment for me! Assuming I failed to succeed? Sometimes, your dreams are difficult to leave behind, for that reason I always kept moving on. Today and always, I am very glad that I strived and never gave up on my dream. Every service provider of digitizing embroidery do have their unique styles, own achievements, and their own creativity based on what they intend to create for their clients.

As much as I love to show and teach others, I also like to deliver free embroidering artwork as quick as I can. This enables embroiderers to try my design creativity and to ascertain that surely they appreciate them, and also gives me the opportunity to assist all those who their budgets do not give room for varieties of collective embroidering pattern. Changing styles is constant for me; this is very lovable experience for me and at same time not so lovely. Every new style of creativity means that very long hours of continuous practice, repeat works and testing stitches until perfection is achieved, this is very stressful but my needs to create something new is paramount. However, bringing out new styles also helps my creativity in waxing stronger. It is quite obvious that I do not get bored since there are a lot of different styles of embroidering style and creativity to test my stills with! My motivating factors are twofold.

  • For all those that stitch my design; I desire that they enjoy every bit of the procedure and also never encounter any issue in the embroidery designs that they make. I always know that I may not excel with this status; however I always give it my best!
  • For me, myself and I, I just want to never look back to my past success in embroidery, achieving greater new feats every time. Making digitizing embroidery artworks may never give me acclaimed monetarily success, however my life has been so much transformed because of the decisions that I took to fulfill my dreams.

Most times I wonder what life may bring to me.

  • Can I recreate my own brand of embroidering supplies?
  • Will I uncover a digitizing embroidery threading that does not break?
  • Will I uncover a way to build my own embroidery machine and also mop the floor & do the laundry?

These are inner fantasies! I know that dreaming big doesn’t mean that our little dreams would come true someday. We might have to extremely work hard so that our big dreams will come true, more so, I believe that the journey is definitely worth it no matter if the dreams were fulfilled or not. My advice is that every man with a goal must take some time every day to do something that moves them towards their dreams.

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