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Good Stitching Procedure and Practice – Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidering

Machine embroidering is a threading process whereby an embroidering machine is used for creating artworks, designs or models on a fabric. It is also used industrially in the manufacturing industries for products patenting, trade markings, brand awareness and also for standard embellishment. The common also embroideries with similar equipment for their personal beautification, decorative art and craft plot.

There are two types of Machine embroidery designs, namely:

  • Computer-based machine embroidery.
  • Manual/Free-motion sewn machine embroidering.

Machine embroidery and design Tips:

Machine embroidering designs are always available in the fashion industry mostly in all seasons. They are found in a wide variety of materials. There are some elements required in the creation process to obtain a perfectly embroidered product. If these elements are fulfilled as per specified, then it is sure that they will yield a perfect design. These essential elements to take note of are listed below:

  • Perfect design
  • Choice and good use of stabilizers
  • Hoop-procedure
  • Well fine-tuned thread strain
  • Proper thread trimming
  • Trial sewing/stitching


Perfect design

Any designs that are going to be embroidered must be tried over single times and verified so that the output becomes robust.

Choice and good use of stabilizers

An envisioned design could be obtained by retaining a proper and precise Choice and Good use of stabilizers. When the designs are sewn on the material, the material gets disarrayed in the surroundings of the design where it was applied. This deformation could be corrected or any ways be subjected to the barest minimum otherwise this could pave way for intrusive placement of the artwork on fabric. This issue often times come up as a result of the wrong choice and use of stabilizers. It could also give room to the empty spaces in-between threads filling of the designs.

Stabilizers are basically utilized to eradicate textile changes which take place when the designs are sewn up. Besides that, the stabilizer types and patterns of attachment to fabric with stabilizers also play a vital role in the perfection of the final results. It must be noted that in as much as the thicknesses of the stabilizer is, a few ones will result in the miss-alignments of designs on the fabrics while embroidering it. An adhesive spray could be used to make bonding better between the fabrics and the stabilizers.

Hooping Procedure

When sewing, the fabrics move in the process of the application of designs over it. This mostly depends on the procedure used for hooping fabric and also the stabilizer. Should the procedure be optimum, then a much better alignment could be obtained. Meanwhile, the ideal condition being the most important thing is also the secure nature of the hooping that is applied where possible. After securing a fittings into the hopper, the planes of the stabilizers and the fabric must blend like beat. If there is any loosened or crumpled threading in stabilizer or fabric, it may lead to misaligned designs over the fabric reasons being that the design will still be continuously applied on the wrinkled cloth.

Well fine-tuned thread strain

If the threads are not fine tuned, this might lead to over straining and stressing in the threads that might potentially lead to misaligning designs on the fabric and also more occurrences of threads break would suffice. Also, the design would not be well filled and noticeable gaps can be seen in the texture. However, the upper threads should be pulled through the backside of designs within an amount ranging from 1/16th to 1/8th size of an inch.

Trial sewing/stitching

Before starting to sew on some types of fabrics, it’s advisable to run a trial sewing first which consists of the same artwork stitching on same fabric, which would also be a part of the completed products. This procedure is observed mostly because of the discussed factor which could hamper the quality of the finished work. Trial sewing could be a better option economically so as to avoid wastage in case the fabric embroidery fails. Embroidery machine designs could be best sewed by adhering to these established



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