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Embroidery Digitizing – Tips For Better Machine Embroidery Stitching

I have some tips for you to get more beneficial results with using your embroidery digitizing threads in machine embroidery sewing or stitching.

1. If you are going through thread damage or have experienced finished designs bleeding onto your dresses after washing, you’re possibly using rayon thread! The polyester material embroidery threads are more powerful and more colorfast. Always get rid of your embroidered dresses from your washer instantly, this will help remove the bleeding. From the damage, try decreasing your tension, rayon threads are definitely the poorest of the embroidery digitizing threads.

I have been using an industrial polyester thread, and ARC embroidery digitizing thread for more than a year now and I’m having wonderful results. There have never really been a break and it launders wonderfully time after time. The digitized embroidery is still beautiful even though the garment is used up. The arc thread presently has 288 colors!

2. If you are going through a large build up on the backside of your designs, try using the only pre-wound bobbin that functions trouble-free in our machines. There’re accurate wound with 132 yards per bobbin, of constant filament polyester, that works with a lesser amount of lint. But not only do they reduce the amount of build up-I don’t have to clean out the machine quite often!

3. If you’ve abandoned the use of metallic thread simply because of the damage and other issues that are well-known to metallics, you have not tried the best however! In my point of view there is only one metallic that I’ll spend my time using – Mon-Rex industrial grade metallic thread. It is a real 40 wt. And it needs no specific lubricants other than regular tension settings. I don’t use a special needle also! It comes in 21 beautiful colors on 1000-1080 yd cones.

For the “other” models you may want to consider the following:

  1. Always give metallic thread through the side of the cone/spool or it will kink.
  2. Reduced the top tension.
  3. Make use of a bigger eye needle or metallic needle.
  4. Do not use any kind of lubricants in your machines – they might ruin your auto tension disks!

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