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Embroidery Digitizing Service Prices Decoded

Embroidery Digitizing Service Prices Decoded

While pricing does indeed play an essential role in narrowing down to the right embroidery digitizing service provider for you, it’s best never to take it as the only parameter to make a choice. Prices should be treated as the ultimate parameter after you have evaluated service providers on the basis of their capabilities, turn-around time, level of quality and experience.

Most newcomers make the error of choosing less skilled digitizers only due to their low price ranges. Though at first, it may appear to be quite a steal, it could end up being costly over time, as you could end up paying a far more seasoned embroidery digitizing Service Company to revise the designs sooner or later.

Probably the most standard practice of prices digitization services are on a per 1000 stitch basis. Most digitization companies choose to price their services between 1 and 5 US Dollars, with respect to the complexity of the design. Those with mass purchases have a potential for getting further discount rates.

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As the per thousand stitch basis prices have worked well for companies and design homes because of the sheer level of the purchases and knowledge of the concept, these were a bit tiresome for people who stepped along with their custom designs for the very first time. Because of this, a few digitizers have begun to offer their embroidery digitizing services at a flat rate for such random requests. There is always handful yet, who provide same flat rates for much larger purchases as well. The most frequent embroidery digitizing services to be offered at a set rate include left chest, hat, and full back designs. Portraits also have started to join the ranks of the embroidery digitizing service that enjoys the advantage of flat rates.

With the primary pricing idea sorted, you, as a client would also be interested to learn about a few costs that a lot of companies expose only as you go along the digitization process. While many embroidery digitizing service providers will provide you with a rush, 24-hour turnaround at no extra cost, it might be a good idea to verify the same before you place your order. Several companies likewise have separate costs for slight and major edits that are done in order to make the design even more embroidery-friendly. While downsizing or upsizing your original artwork generally comes cost-free, there a few embroidery digitizing service providers who choose to demand the same, especially in case there is a one-time order.

Whilst every embroidery digitizing service provider has its own set of guidelines, it does help to clarify if indeed they have any concealed costs in the negotiation stage itself. It usually pays off to make sure you take up the services of the company that has pretty much standard pricing for its services, as normally, this is a testimony to its ethics, professionalism, and reliability.


At Excellent Digitizing, we offer embroidery digitizing services that cover all the materials mentioned above and even more. With over 10 years of professional experience, you can count on us for your impeccably digitized artwork at the most affordable rates, delivered on time, each and every time.

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