Completing the Process of Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is really all so easy. The way it seems all digitized and computerized should not be frustrating for us. In fact, digitizing just made embroidery all the more easier and fun. To prove it, let us start by telling you the three important components of the digitizing process. Just three:

  • The embroidery machine
  • The digitizing software, and
  • The design and materials.
Let us count the design and materials (the fabric and threads) as one since they’re mostly part of the finished designed product.

Let’s tackle the matter of getting or purchasing a good embroidery machine first. Before going out to the appliances shops, make sure to bring a few pieces of fabric or cloth you can use later in testing the embroidery machines. Once in the shop, don’t be shy to ask for the salesperson’s help in choosing a good machine. They will probably try to convince you to buy a rather expensive machine in their collection. But there is no denying that they have considerable knowledge in what embroidery machine you should use for your needs.

Make sure you explain clearly to the salesperson helping you about what you want from the embroidery machine. They might be able to help you pick out the most compatible machine, one that surely fits your requirements. And with the cloths you have with you, be sure to test the different machines available to you. Ask for a demonstration from the salesperson first, and then try the embroidery machine for yourself. You should make sure that you really get to try the machine. It is important for you to get the feel of it and be comfortable with it before buying it.

For embroidery digitizing, you will need to purchase and install a digitizing software. Many companies now sell these handy programs in a range of prices. There are those you can buy for less than $100, and there are those that amount to more than $8,000. The more you pay, the more features come with the program.

In using the digitizing software, you’ll need the design you want embroidered, of course. You can load a pre-made design, or you can make one on your own. With a pre-made or existing file, you will need to open the data file in the program and make the necessary additions or adjustments to the design. You can add text, change the font size and colors, and edit the stitch types. Once you have previewed and finalized your design, save it in file that your embroidery machine can read. With the digitized design stored to your machine’s card, the machine will be able to start with the embroidery project.

The rest of the fabrics come into play with the embroidery machine, for sure. The material and the threads will be manipulated by the machine and transformed into the embroidery design you made with the digitizing software application. Once you are successful with a project, then the other embroidery jobs you have will come easy. We can say that embroidery has become an easy task with embroidery digitizing, right?

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