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DRESS SHIRT TIPS-For Successful digitizing and embroidery


The “business casual” surroundings that resulted in comfortable dress for the office starting in the 90’s has transformed the way America shows up for work. Jeans and sweat shirts are not strange. However, the pendulum seems to be throwing back toward a more refined, chic appearance in business clothing, mainly because of the self-confidence in companies has slipped lately with the trade scandals and folding dot-coms. With this change, the dress shirt, a traditional “dress for success” product in a man’s closet, is enjoying a revival of popularity. It tops the charts when an expert image is necessary. The addition of an embroidered logo design offers upscale business identity along with a little focus can include design and interest as well.

The classic dress shirt is a long sleeved, front-button shirt along with tails. It is found in some high-class fabrics and fun colors these days. But it is best to think “conservative” whenever a shirt is to include an embroidered logo design or pattern. Collar styles consist of: Straight, Spread or British Spread, Button-down, Curved, Tab and also Banded. Your choice of fashion may rely on your client’s tastes, but the best option is to stick with a straight collar (the standard for company today) and a solid, simple color. Long sleeves with button cuffs complete the appearance and give more creative chances for embroidery. For hotel outfits or some other useful work wear that will be used in hot, humid climates, short sleeves, of course, are the sensible choice.


Left and Right Chest – A business logo is usually embroidered on the left chest pocket of a dress shirt. Personalization, for instances an employee name, is usually embroidered on the right. Keep patterns smaller enough to suit perfectly in the area provided. Smaller is better, mainly on a shirt pocket. (Bear in mind that as the logo design or pattern is decreased in size, text size will be decreased and could turn out to be too small to digitize correctly. Re-designing the logo design may be important to keep text no less than 3/16″ or ¼” in height. )

Collar – The left front of the collar offers a stylish chance to add a special pattern or meaning on a dress shirt. It is being utilized by private schools nowadays to decorate children’s uniforms when cardigans as well as vests can possibly conceal a left chest app.

Back again – Under the collar (in the yoke spot) can also add variety to design location. One thing to consider for this area is to prevent patterns that may be annoying for the user due to backing involved on the inside of the outfit. Certain patterns that need heavy support may not be wise.

Cuff – A tone-on-tone logo design or stylized initials on any shirt cuff can give an additional refined, classy form of business identity.

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When we think about a dress shirt material, we usually consider weaved cotton (like that seen in an oxford shirt) or a cotton polyester combine. Having said that , dress shirts are also available in blends of polyester and cotton twill (common for commercial and industrial work wear), silk, the newer micro fiber materials and a polyester/rayon that looks and drapes like cotton (this material was launched in women’s shirts and has lately been incorporated into men’s shirts). Some dress shirts used by commercial and industrial work staff are being made in wickable garments with high artificial fabric content. Wickable materials started in outfits designed for extreme sporting activities like mountain climbing and has changed into the shirts created for work wear. The fabric transfers humidity from the skin to the outside of the fabric where it may escape. This feature assists the user to sustain a more even body temperature, thus decreasing distress and developing performance. The main factor here is to choose fabric that will help the function and the image your client is looking for. Thinner garments may be cheaper, but they don’t sustain their fit and form as well as top quality fabrics You will pay a little bit more for an excellent fabric, but it will also stay longer and give a polished, skilled look that will make your clients returning for more.


With its lively colors and high gloss, the desired choice of thread for dress shirts that will create their looks in the boardroom or even sales workplace is rayon. Remember that a cooler temperature with color-safe bleach will be required to protect its color and sheen.

When shirts will be laundered frequently in hot water or with huge amounts of chlorine bleach (as for workers at a restaurant or hotel), the best option, with its power and opposition to fading, is polyester.


For commercial or industrial uniforms, the pattern is quitting the use of name labels as well as patches toward embroidering direct on the material. The outcome is less medical, more personalized, skilled image. One thing to bear in mind, but, when shirts are used overseas, they may have pocket position angled wrongly or balance to left or right. Lining up a logo design is difficult in this situation. We recommend ordering a shirt sample from an overseas merchant before ordering. Hold off displaying a catalog picture of the shirt to your client, if possible, until you get an exact sample. If you get yourself in a situation where shirts have been shipped with pockets out of line or balance out, find an embroiderer who will assist you to make up for the misalignment by changing the position or position of the embroidery.

Letter size is usually an important thing to consider when making a design for the embroidery process. Software or serif fonts are not useful for small text. For best outcomes, use capitalized alphabets in a sans serif font for example Arial. The least letter heights outlined below are for sans serif, block letters, stitched in a satin stitch.

  • Advised minimal Letter Height by Fabric:
  • Pique, Terry cloth, Fleece….. 1/ 4″
  • Twill, Most other fabrics…… 3/16″


When the process for business outfit is comfortable, the door opened for new and innovative methods to decorate promotional business clothing. Make use of that chance by thinking beyond the box with innovative remedies to a firm’s identification problems. In cooler temperatures where cardigans and vests are a pillar during the winter season, you could recommend a matching shirt and cardigan or even vest arrangement. A stylish version of the business logo design can be added to the left top collar of a dress shirt and a regular left chest version embroidered on the cardigan or vest. This guarantees a visual display of the business logo design with or without the cardigan or vest.

Another concept is to include a vendor logo design to a secondary area, for example under the back collar, on the cuff or top sleeve (on a short-sleeved shirt). A firm may be capable to gain coop dollars to help pay for the price of a business shirt with this set up. A shirt merchant, for example, could have the logo design of a primary shirt supplier embroidered on their staff’s sleeve or even cuff and their own logo design embroidered on the left chest pocket.

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