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Three Dimensional Embroidery Logo Design

We frequently see spectacular embroidery digitizing logo designs nowadays. Because technologies are constantly improving, lots of tools and techniques are found to play a role in the improvement of logo designs. Digital tools are actually the main instruments of making remarkable logos. Gone are the times that logos are produced from paints and even threads. Fortunately, the contemporary world has made the logo design industry incredible.

Among the breakthroughs of logo designs is the 3D logo design, which has been widely popularized by the breakthrough discovery of such digital applications, which pave the right way to the development of software programmes.

The widely recognized software programme that allows creative designers to produce wonderful 3D styles is Adobe. This software program is widespread due to its up-to-date functions.

Particularly, the Adobe Illustrator is the software programme used for THREE DIMENSIONAL logos. It is an integral part of multimedia system, and is generally utilized for artwork, website designing, graphic creating, photo editing, and computer animation; therefore, it is an excellent tool with regard to embroidery logo designing.

A three dimensional logo design is a lot better than regular logos simply because it is much practical and outstanding to look at. But, it is also more challenging to create because of its complex designs.

Below are the simple steps that will help you create your personal 3D logo:

Step 1: Open a new picture in your Adobe Illustrator application with a relatively big size. Sketch a very simple shape for your logo design, and then position the shape in the new layer you just opened.

Step 2: Form the logo design by clicking on “Main Menu”, choose “Edit”, “Transform”, and “Skew”. Then, pull on the sides to modify. After modifying, click “Enter” to finish.

Step 3: Open the “Free Transform”, choose the “Scale” menu, and after that, cut down the height of your logo design basing on your preferred size.

Step 4: Visit “Main Menu”, select “Filter”, “Stylize”, after which, click on “Emboss” to emboss the sides of your logo design. Select “90” for the angle together with “5” for the pixels.

Step 5: Click on the layer having your logo design, briefly hold down the “Ctrl” as well as “Alt”, then press the “Up” arrow key. It is a simple shortcut with regard to duplicating layers. Using this method, you are able to actually create the 3D effect.

Step 6: Click on the top layer of your logo design, and then press “Ctrl” as well as “E” simultaneously so that you can combine layers one-by-one. Do this step to all of the layers, with the exception of the THREE DIMENSIONAL logo design in the background.

Step 7: Press the “Ctrl” key whenever you click the “Layers” panel to highlight and also choose the logo design within the canvas. Place an additional coating by selecting the “Paint Bucket” tool, and select your favourite colour for your logo design as well as fill up the empty layer. Right after adding a colour, combine the layers for the very last time.

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