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Digitizing Embroidery vs. Machine Embroidery for the New Age Designer

Digitizing Embroidery vs. Machine Embroidery for the New Age Designer

digitizing service, digitizing services, embroidery digitizing, embroidery digitizers,Even though machine embroidery has been a designer’s perfect friend for long, the strategy of digitizing embroidery is quickly catching up and slowly overpowering the former’s desired place. Digitizing embroidery involves the computerization of the design in a way that it can be executable by an embroidery machine. Though the procedure may sound easy, it generally requires the support of a professionally qualified digitizer in order to obtain the desired outcomes. However, once the design has become digitized and saved in the proper format, one can be guaranteed of a flawless imitation time after time.

The following will give you an understanding of whether choosing for an embroidery digitizer will  truly worth the investment for you as a designer, or not:


  1. The Stitch

While machine embroidery drastically restricts the type of stitch you can actually use and the designs you can generate, digitizing embroidery provides you better scope to test and expand your horizons. Through digitizing embroidery, you can get any kind of design recreated completely on a number of fabrics, no matter how complex they may be. One has an option between simple stitches, for example, the zigzag and more stylish ones like the satin stitch and a lot more. The digitized edition of the artwork can also be finely-tuned in accordance with the fabric it is to be stitched up on, keeping in mind the quantity of needlework it can handle. This simply indicates that you no longer need to consider execution when it arrives at creating embroidery patterns for your clothing, thus leaving sufficient space for your creativity to take soar high.

  1. The Labor

Through digitizing embroidery, the demand for regular labor is greatly reduced. Since it will be the responsibility of the digitizer to make sure “sewability” of the style and the rest of the will be managed by the machine, this means the range for human error will be greatly reduced and you may expect an exact replica of your design any time. The amount of time spent on recreating the design will also be reduced significantly.

machine embroidery

  1. Bulk Orders

One of the largest merits of digitizing embroidery is the fact that it usually provides greater performance and convenience when it occurs to bulk instructions. Once the design has been recreated in the digitized arrangement, it can be applied multiple times, therefore saving you a great work of time when in a haste to deliver bulk orders. Given the point that the execution is going to be handled exclusively by software and machine, you may be assured of standard quality for all your pieces, not neglecting much work for a quality check.

Although the effectiveness of machine embroidery cannot be negated entirely; however, the comfort provided by digitizing embroidery greatly exceeds it. Provided the time and eventually charge savings that digitizing embroidery has to provide, it is no wonder it is turning out to be a favorite amongst designers at such an immediate pace. Show Digitizing offers inexpensive, quality digitizing embroidery services to customers globally. With a team of extremely skilled digitizers, improved processes, quick transformation time and highly competitive rates, Embroidery Digitizing provides exceptional services towards the design industry, making it the desired choice for many.


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