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The process of transforming information into digital file format is known to as digitizing. Within the digital file format, the details are arranged into discrete units of the data files that are known as bits in plural, and in singular form are referred to as bytes. Now the rough info has been transformed into binary form which is all set to be read, recognized and prepared by any device having a computing ability.

A lot of things that are in other formats can be digitized to make them understandable by computer systems; for example the written text and images are digitized through a scanning device which captures the actual image of the assigned info and changes that in to an image file through OCR (optical character recognition). This functions on the basic principle of examining the image for light and dark spots by identifying the alphabets or the image and then transforming these into ASCII unique codes. In the same way audio and video files can also be digitized.

Digitizing makes it quite simple to maintain and protect the data and also giving a certain access when necessary and can also offer you the facility to reveal it anywhere very easily. For example, if you talk about an initial historical file, you clearly need to visit that location yourself physically to be able to see that document. However if the information in the file has been digitized, you do not need to see that location physically because that file can be made available to all the people around the globe.

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Embroidery has changed the developments in almost every area of life which is really important. Even in the area of stitching and garment making digitizing is actively playing an important role. If you are linked with the company connected to needlecraft or embroidery you may come across embroidery digitizing. It is definitely the method by which a person changes the artwork in to the stitch file. It can then be read easily through an embroidery machine which after examining the design or image sews the same in to the fabric. To get embroidery digitally, or embroidery digitizing, on a garment seems like a simple task. How it functions is very obvious; the digitizer analyzes the art work first to see if it can be edited for your embroidery or not. All art logos or designs do not work for digital embroidery because each design should be sharp and as well needs to be simplified and made right for its size which will get fit for the embroidery device.

Adding style to the image or design that is necessary to be transformed for the embroidery is normally done through a vector transformation, through which a small image which is difficult or impossible to be digitized is changed into a vector document. This vector document, when enlarged, it does not lose its good quality and the pixels do not get scattered. Through vector transformation it becomes very easy to digitize the exact design on to the fiber then it is ready to be stitched on the fabric. Through vector transformation for digitizing the image you also can conduct some other changes like something you need to remove; change or even you need to adjust the size. You may also remove the outlines through it and also the image is now set to be digitized and stitched on the fabric.

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