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Digitized Embroidery And Its Benefits

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In the world of garments, embroidery is an essential foundation, without it our lives will be much duller. Gorgeous and strange designs are valued if they decorate a simple fabric, instantly making it come to life. They come usually in two types, hand embroidered and digital embroidered. Hand embroidered patterns are usually more costly than the digitally embroidered ones. This is due to the greater difficulties in creating them. It takes a lot of experience and the more complex embroidery takes a much larger period of time when produced by hand than when produced by machines digitally.

Normally in this consumer oriented world, people think it safe to assume that since hand embroidered garments are more costly, they are most likely better than the digitized range. This however is definitely an issue of debate. Whereas some may possibly argue the great expertise with which the job is done is to be a testament of its brilliance, this is not really the case. It is correct that to seriously learn the artwork of hand embroidery it needs a lot of time and great skill and dexterity with the hands, it should not be overlooked that even the most outstanding artists are prone to make errors from time to time. However digitized embroidery is carried out by machines which usually have a much lesser opportunity of committing mistakes. At any rate, defective pieces are offered separately as they can be quickly replaced by correct pieces due to the fact that they are much simpler to create. The hand embroidered range is usually not replaced in such a way because they take a lot of time to be produced and little defects are easily overlooked.

Digitized Embroidery is performed by machines and computer systems. A digitized embroidery design document is loaded into a computer system. This can be created by both a textile and a graphic artist. If the designer has already designed a hand embroidered pattern or wants to make use of a pre-existing design by another individual, then they can simply scan the design on to laptop computer. The document can also be edited with respect to the desires of the developer which is necessary if slight changes are needed to be made on an already existing pattern. This also greatly increases the range, types and colors of the pattern that is made. This is then transformed into a machine format file which is certain to the format backed by the machine and thus finally embroidered on to the cloth.

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The best thing about this is that even an individual not experienced in hand embroidery, but qualified in the use of machinery can simply create intricately designed outfits. This boosts the production and decreases the price. In fact, it can be explained correctly that the extra price of hand embroidered fabric is really the extra labor price and not because of the higher quality. Lots of people will still however disagree that they also have samples of hand embroidered cloths superior to the digitized type. The solution over here probably lies in the kind of brand name and the kind of machine utilized. So in general a digitally embroidered outfit from a top rated brand will suit the standard of a hand embroidered one, if not surpass it.

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