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How To Digitize Embroidery Designs On Golf Shirts

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Digitizing And Embroidery Guidelines

When Is It Best To Select Embroidery?

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When including a design or digitized logo to your golf shirt (also known as sport shirt, polo as well as business casual wear); embroidery tends to make a strong statement. It adds detail and dimensions to any outfit and is frequently used to specify a quality producer or a high end country club and even help develop name identification for an organization, group or company.

Golf shirts were practically created for the game of golf, cut with bigger chest dimensions and various armhole angles to fit extended arm movements throughout a game of golf. Recently, however, the golf clothing has moved past the actual golf course to informal business occasions and dinners out. Not only for guys, golf shirts are likewise cut as well as styled for ladies and have shown up in children’s clothing. Embroidery, a traditional option for the flexible golf shirt, provides style and attention and is usually an excellent choice.


Left and Right Upper body – The market standard is to possess a digitized logo around the left chest as well as customization, which include a worker’s or member’s name, around the right chest. Ensure that styles are small enough to suit perfectly in the space given. This is particularly important on ladies’ clothing. Standard left upper body positioning on medium via extra large shirts is usually 8″ straight down from the shoulder joints and 4″ above coming from centre of the shirt–calculating through the middle of the design. A digitized logo on the female’s shirt may have to be decreased to as much as 10% to 15% in dimension to display properly within the left chest region. The utmost width for a left upper body design on the golf clothing is about 4″. Less is generally better, possibly even for a clothing designed for a man. (Know that as the digitized logo or design is actually reduced in size, the written text sizes will also decrease and may even become way too small to digitize correctly. Re-designing the logo might be necessary to hold text at least 3/16″ or ¼” high. )

Sleeve – Including a digitized logo, design or even slogan to your left sleeve provides variety and interest along with providing name recognition for any vendor or company. A country club may wish to include the label of a favourite golf club or even ball to its personal embroidered golf shirt, for example.

Collar – The back involving the collar offers another chance to put in a unique design or information on a golf clothing.

Back – Beneath the collar (yoke region) can as well add a few variety to design positioning. One particular thing to consider for this area would be to stay away from designs which could be annoying for the wearer as a result of backing. Several designs that need weighty support may not be a good idea.

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Jacquard, bird’s-eye, herringbone, rugby’s, blended jersey, rough grained pique, 100% combed cotton, cotton blend, fine-gauge pique, peached twill, lyocell, tapestry, waffle weaves, polyester as well as current day’s micro fiber materials–every one of these describe fabrics utilized in modern-day golf or polo t-shirts. Each fabric possesses its own features and has to be made known to your digitizer just before a design will be properly digitized just for the embroidery procedure. Pique, for instance, will often bury thread inside the knap and calls for larger sized textual content or maybe an underlay of sewing for tiny lettering or figures. Also, remember that thinner materials may be cheaper, yet may in fact cost you more in the end because of increased backing necessary for the sew-out process. You might pay a little more for a high quality material, but it may help you save cash in the sew-out procedure, stay longer and give a polished look that helps to keep your clients returning.


With its attractive colours as well as high sheen, the conventional selection of thread for golf t-shirts is rayon. Do not forget that a cooler temperature along with colour-safe bleach will must be used for t-shirts designed having rayon thread to guard its colour and gloss. Polyester might be a better option for shirts which will be laundered with hot water having considerable amounts of chlorine bleach.

Not every fabrics are produced the same with regards to determining a suitable stitch thickness level for your selected thread, whether it is rayon, polyester, and metal or other customized thread type. Make sure that you choose a skilled digitizer who is acquainted with various sorts of fabrics and many different thread types. In cases where, a design is stitched out, the material pulls and puckers, there is a good probability that the thickness of the sewing is far too heavy. If the material is showing through, the stitch thickness is most likely too low. Making your own digitizer understand the type of material in the shirt and indicating the kind of thread preferred can help them to supply you along with a digitized tape that produces a quality picture and sews out nicely and easily–the very first time.

Design Components

Letter size is an essential aspect to consider when making a style for the embroidery procedure. Script or serif fonts are generally not advisable for small textual content. For greatest results, utilize capitalized text letters in a sans serif font like Arial (for text below ½”). (Your digitizer can counsel you if the textual content in your design is going to sew out nicely at its initial size.) The lowest letter heights outlined below are meant for sans serif, block letters, stitched inside a satin stitch. For big lettering, you may select a fill up stitch instead of a satin stitch. This raises the stitch count within the letter area, which makes the stitches smaller and even more resistant to snagging as well as tears.

Recommended least Letter Height by Material:

  • Pique, Terry fabric, Fleece….. 1/ 4″
  • Twill, Many other materials…… 3/16″

Sew-out Procedure

An important hint for your sew-out procedure is to make certain the purchase request is obtained by your embroidery digitizer well before the products to be stitched arrive at their shipping docks. In case your purchase request does not get there first, your own goods may end up left in a storage facility or shipping room, plus you may discover yourself knocked back on their time-table.

Advertising Suggestions

If your client comes and says, “I want embroidered golf shirts to have a forthcoming company golf competition,” you might recommend some other items to go with the shirts in the occasion. Windbreakers as well as hats help to make great gifts and are always valued by golfers. Embroidered golf bath towels, umbrellas, golf bag handles and also golf shoe bags may also help to make your user’s tournament a memorable occasion that is different from the ordinary and also results in long term marketing for your customer’s organization.

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