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Customized Digitized Embroidery Logos and Designs Guidelines

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Customized Digitized Embroidery Logos and Designs

There are essential factors you have to keep in mind prior to designing or purchasing your personal, customized digitized embroidery designs. With regard to D-I-Y (Do-it-yourself) individuals, you can easily get yourself a hi-tech embroidery digitizing machine complete along with digitized applications; however, the quality of your job depends on your own artistic intuition as well as knowledge of certain embroidery methods.

To be able to produce a top quality digitized embroidery item, there are a few fundamental, yet important elements that you have to look out for when making your own digitized embroidery. Included in this are:

The Thread:

The two primary types of embroidery threads are Polyester and Rayon. Although the best looking designs tend to be stitched with Rayon, Polyester is very much more durable compared to the former. The reason being Rayon is very slim in comparison to other thread kinds, which also makes it difficult to modify pressure.

The colour of the thread likewise needs to complement the colours in the digitized embroidery design, combined with the colour of the fabric. Keep in mind that threads can also appear to be of various shades of colour based on the actual angle from which they are seen. Therefore, select keeping that in mind. For instance, less difference between the colours of the fabric and the style can hide small imperfections.


Fill-stitches form various patterns and stitch instructions, and cover large places. So many stitches will produce little gaps and an inadequate number of stitches show via the design. So choose what type of design will be most suitable for your Fill Stitch. Remember that fabric has a tendency to soak up little stitches, so they should be eliminated.

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Underlay stitches, though frequently ignored, performs a significant part in the finished embroidery quality and design. The reason being they stabilize the material kept in the embroidery frame. The technique in which underlay stitches are usually sewn into the material additionally paves the way for the best stitches.

Backing Materials:

The quantity of stability and support supplied by backing materials frequently decides the quality of the completed item. Backing materials like Cutaways and Tearaways should be selected in accordance with the type of garment or even fabric used. For example, cutaway backings are perfect for knit materials. Tearaways can be excellent for people who want work quickly carried out because they are the simplest to use.

The Topping:

Toppings prevent materials from getting caught between stitches on some tough textured garments such as Fleece. This is made achievable by sewing the embroidery through the filling, the fabric, and the support material. Topping such as water-soluble films, when placed above stitches-observing fabric types, stop embroidery stitches from going into the fabric.


Probably the most noticeable area of the outfit ought to be chosen as the central position of the digitized embroidery design. Nevertheless, this might be changed depending on the type of outfit on which the embroidery will be applied. For instance, the main area for Short Sleeve Shirts and Long Sleeve Shirts is the Left Chest; however, secondary location for Short Sleeves is far more suitable on the Left Arm; while for Long Sleeves, Center Back location appears better.

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