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There are actually important factors you have to remember before producing or ordering your own, custom embroidery digitizing patterns. For D-I-Y (Do-it-yourself) individuals, you can easily get yourself an affordable embroidery machine complete with digitized services, but the quality of your job will count on your personal creative instincts as well as knowledge of specific embroidery techniques.

If you want to make a top quality embroidery item, there are a few basic, but important components that you must watch out for when producing your own embroidery. Such as:

The Thread:

The two major kinds of embroidery threads are Polyester and Rayon. Although the best looking designs are sewn with Rayon, Polyester is much stronger than the previous. Simply because Rayon is very thin in comparison to other thread kinds, which also makes it difficult to adjust tension.

The color of the thread also has to match the colors in the embroidery pattern, together with the color of the cloth. Bear in mind that threads can also show up to be of different shades of color based upon the angle from which they are seen. Therefore choose correctly. For instance, less comparison between the colors of the cloth and the pattern can hide small faults.


Fill-stitches form various designs and stitch instructions, together with cover large regions. Too many stitches will produce small gaps and too little will show through the pattern. So decide what kind of structure will be most suitable for your Fill Stitch. Bear in mind that material tends to take in small stitches, so they ought to be avoided.

Underlay stitches, though normally ignored, plays an essential part in the final embroidery quality and pattern. Simply because they strengthen the material kept in the embroidery frame. The technique in which underlay stitches are stitched into the fabric at the same time paves the way for the best stitches.

Backing Materials:

The quantity of stability and support given by backing materials usually decides the quality of the finished product. Supporting materials like Cutaways as well as Tearaways need to be selected according to the kind of garment or cloth used. For instance, cutaway backings are perfect for knit garments. Tearaways can be good for those who prefer work easily done because they are the simplest to use.

The Topping:

Toppings stop fibers from getting stuck in between stitches on some hard textured garments such as Fleece. This is thanks to by sewing the embroidery through the topping, the fabric, and the supporting material. Topping like water-soluble films, when laid over stitches-observing garment kinds stop embroidery stitches from sinking into the material.


The most recognizable part of the garment must be selected as the main spot of the embroidery design. On the other hand, this may be changed according to the kind of garment on which the embroidery is to be used. Like, the primary area for Short Sleeve Shirts and Long Sleeve Shirts is the Left Chest, but secondary area for Short Sleeves much more suitable on the Left Arm; while for Long Sleeves, Center Backside area looks better.

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