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7 Tech Promo Products to Give Your Brand an Edgy Look

Nearly everyone is glued to tech gadgets these days. The odd part is that once connected to the internet enabled smart gadgets, it is almost impossible to disconnect.

We are now constantly connected with smartphones, smartwatches, smart televisions, laptops, electronic whiteboards, smart sewing machines, smart home appliances, and the list goes on and on.

Technology has touched every aspect of our lives. From education to purchasing, traveling, and ordering food. Marketing is no exception. It is done mostly through digital channels in current times.

Talking about marketing, promoting your products is inevitable in today’s globally competitive market. This is especially important for B to B marketers.
Marketers promoting business products have extensively used the tried, tested and highly successful “promo products”. But, there is a slight shift. Instead of traditional products, they are giving away technology products.

Rightly so. Think about it.

I am not sure about you, but I would choose a branded smartphone charger than a notepad as a promo product. Why?

It solves my problem and I can take it everywhere I want. A win-win situation for both marketers and their consumers.

Since these technological products are in hot trend, today I decided to list down some of them which carry extended brand visibility over time.

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1. Selfie Stick
With an ever-growing popularity of the selfie trend, this is a must-have mobile accessory these days. Whether you are at a family gathering, pool party, wedding, or on a holiday trip, you will be forced to pull out your selfie stick to capture those memorable photos.

This promo product is going to give your brand a frequent recall for years. Put your custom brand logo on 2-inch rubber handle or at the back of the bracket.

However, don’t get overboard with your liberty to choose a variety of colors. Stick to your corporate colors only or the ones that best resonates with your brand.

2. Smartphone Holder
Your client is a busy businessman. This means he has to catch up with loads of phone calls, emails, social media messages, WhatsApp group chats throughout the days.

Customized smartphone holder can be a lifesaver for him. These plastic and rubber materials can be customized according to your logotype and corporate colors.

As a word of caution, make sure that the holder can handle the phone weight; otherwise, it will tip it over.

3. Earbud Case
The earbuds with a case is a creative and economical tech giveaway. You will notice everybody, especially young folks, walking on the street with their earbuds on. They are listening to music, podcast, audiobooks, university lecture or just chatting with their buddies.

What happens to these earbuds when they are not used? They go either in the bag, pockets or elsewhere. All the more reasons for their damage.

A branded triangular earbud case will increase their life. As a piece of advice use the fabric instead of the plastic because the later erodes the branded logo ink upon frequent usage. An embroidery digitizing process will sew your logo on the cover for long term visibility.

4. Branded Power Bank
With such a tremendous amount of tech usage, device charging never seems to be enough. It is frustrating as well as risky for a businessman to run short of battery in the middle of the day. Rechargeable Power Banks is the answer to power shortage woes.

This is a great promotional tech product for your smartphone, tablet, mp3 player, and almost every tech gadget under the sun.

Because of their vertical outlook, they are ideal for rectangular logos. If your logo is of another type, play around with it so that it fits nicely on the power bank’s body or the accompanying wire.

5. Custom Wireless Charger
Wireless charger and Qi charging pads untangle you with the wire hassles. They support the latest iPhone series, the new generation of Samsung phones and almost all other smartphones.

All you have to do is put the phone on the pad or simply bring closer. Using the latest technology, it detects the phone in closest proximity and starts charging instantly.

Logo branding depends on the type of pad you chose. A wooden charging pad gives a retro look with your brand printed on the top.

Alternatively, the circular and squared Qi stands can hold your logo on the center. This gives your brand more centered and de-cluttered focus.

6. Foldable Wireless Computer Mouse
You might be wondering. Do these foldable wireless optical mice really work? Yes, they do. These are BFF gadgets for traveling tech-junkies.

Your logo can be printed on the folding part or the fixed one, depending on your logotype and size.

This product has increased visibility factor attached to it, so make sure your logo is perfectly transformed for printing. Sit with your embroidery digitizer to discuss these small but essential details.

7. USB Flash Drive
USB flash drives can be plugged in so many promotional activities. Their unique advantage is that they can be customized in a variety of ways. Chose the one that best echoes with your promotional message.

For example, if you are targeting the young lot, give them a hand bracelet with a USB attached to it. They nicely swap around the hand and looks youthful. For a professional executive through, go for a branded neck ribbon drive.

You may also try LED illuminating flashlight that sparks up your logo every time it is detected by a flash reader.

In a technology-driven world, people have a variety of reasons to use tech products. They are in an intimate relationship with these gadgets.

As a brand, this is the right time for you to jump onto this digital bandwagon and elevate your brand through it.

The above-mentioned tech products not only help your customers in their daily lives, but they also carry prolonged brand visibility.

Additionally, unlike traditional promo products, which has the tendency of ending up in the closet, tech promo product helps them define their tech style.