I had been working with many embroidery digitizers in the past, but they always have some issues. I received your marketing email last week offering digitizing services. I decided to try your digitizing service; I sent the logo in the morning and got it back in the evening, super-fast. I run the digitized embroidery file on my home embroidery machine that only reads dst(digitized embroidery) format. The result was amazing. My customer was happy when I deliver the order. She said “Wow” and I’m passing this “Wow” to Excellent Digitizing LLC “Wow”

Barbara from B’s Sew****


Please check out our embroidery digitizing page

I was not so happy when I opened the digitized embroidery file on my laptop; I noticed some letters were uneven, clearly. I called the digitizing services provider and complained about it. They told me that the letters are always uneven on the screen, but they are even on the fabric. I didn’t like the answer; however, I ran a sample to find the truth and I found it. Yes, they were absolutely right. The small letters were smooth and straight on the fabric…

Keep up the good work!!

Tom from Stitches & M***


Please visit our website for custom patches: http://houstonembroideryservice.com/

I only do screen printing and sublimation; so, I don’t need digitizing services. I always need logos in EPS format to make silk screens. I am a graphic designer and I do all of my work by myself to cut the production cost, but the last week I was stuck in a job and could not get the required tiny details and gradient effect; my customer kept rejecting all of my samples. After 4-5 tries I gave up and sent my logo to Excellent Digitizing. The result was satisfactory; my customer approved it and I ran the production. It is good when you have someone to cover your back. I thought they only provide digitizing services, but when I explored their website I found their Vector art service for screen printing.

Thanks, Excellent Digitiizng

Samuel from Sam’s L****


Many companies provide logo digitizing services online, but a small fraction of them is understands the digitizing process. I’ve been using them since 2008, and I’m quite happy with the work they do for me. Their digitized embroidery files have minimum trims and run smoothly. They send me digitize files by emails, quickly.

Frank from 50-State Pro*******


I was Googling online digitizer who could provide me digitized embroidery designs. I was looking for a guy who must have enough knowledge and experience. I know little bit how to digitize a logo for embroidery and digitize image for embroidery. I’m an artist; I create logos, but I don’t know how to digitize embroidery designs using Wilcom. After an exhausted searing, I found these guys. I sent some of my embroidery logo designs to them; they did all my logos nicely.

Melba from 3-Star Grap****


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